The world needs more science and tech-minded people. Even if your child doesn’t become a programmer, scientist or engineer, it’s important to develop that knowledge. To build an interest in the world and how things really work in modern society. The kind of thinking that goes into science, tech and the arts is useful all over. Educated, analytical people are what we need to survive as a people.





Finding their curiosity

Young people have seemingly boundless amounts of energy. Over time, we as a society tend to whittle away at it. We make sure that our kids fit the roles they’re supposed to. But with the right kind of encouragement, you can show them possibilities beyond just an ordinary life. You can help them stay into science and creative thinking just by spending time with them on it. Watch science and natural life movies. Encourage them to ask questions and find out the answers to them together. Take them to museums and out into nature. Don’t let them get boxed in early.


Getting practical with them

If there’s something that kids at school love, it’s practical experiments. For one, it takes them away from the books. Secondly, it’s often colorful, loud or even a bit explosive. But mostly, it shows them things that they had no idea was possible. How they can interact with the world with a bit of knowledge to see something exciting. So keep that excitement a part of their life. Turn of the TV and put away the phone for a second to do some cool experiments at home with them.





Diving into the world of tech

Technology is ever evolving, we all know that. In a few years’ time, your kids will probably know how to use tech that’s way over your head. But you can be instrumental in helping them develop the knowledge of tech that is more than a curiosity. You can help them engage with the technical side of things. One of the devices that people have been using to properly educate themselves on IT and coding is the Raspberry Pi. With resources like The Pi Hut, you can start to get them comfortable with customizing and tinkering with computers. Given how tech-driven our economy is growing, you can be sure they’ll find plenty of practical application for the knowledge down the line.


Help them express themselves

But it’s not all about pushing them towards some kind of STEM degree, either. A healthy person is one with a range of interests. Getting creative is just as important as getting curious. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to get the kids into different kinds of art. All you need is a tablet or a phone and a few add-ons and anyone can get into photography, for instance.


Children naturally have curiosity. It’s not too hard to harness it and find the directions it goes in. It’s all about being the role model and leading by example. Hopefully, they’ll be surpassing you in a few years.

Sharon Jones is a contributor to zenruption and has her B.A. in political science from UCLA. As a new mother, she is interested in helping shape the world her daughter will inherit. She likes pina coladas and taking walks in the rain.