In recent years, businesses have been latching onto the craze of mobile app development. Now, you’ll find thousands and thousands of apps in every app store, offered by businesses around the world. Similarly, they’re all getting involved in mobile optimization for their websites. This offers a smoother experience to mobile users.

Here’s the question that many business owners have on their minds. If you’ve optimized your website for mobile use, then why would you need a mobile app? It’s a valid question, and one we’re going to answer today.



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A few years ago, it was determined that mobile and tablet internet access had become commonplace. Unfortunately, many websites weren’t set up for their use, with sites being implemented with poor optimization. Mobile website optimization quickly became a thing and was offered as an optional extra in many cases. The advantage of this was obviously an increase in sales and greater compatibility. Now, businesses can’t afford to ignore mobile optimization if they want to get the most out of their websites.


As the rise of smartphones became apparent, many of these businesses started to look to mobile apps, too. Some of them just capitalized on the hype, offering portals to websites that could be downloaded. Basically; they didn’t do anything different from their mobile website. It was purely a way of trying to get more eyes on the website itself. Others started using apps in more creative ways. This helped to satisfy possibilities that were otherwise impossible in a website setting.



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So, when does an app make sense for business purposes? Let’s take a few examples. A company selling dog food might struggle to make themselves heard online. After all, there are loads of companies doing the same thing. As a way of gaining attention, they might create an app in the form of a dog-related game. If that game is exciting and successful, it’ll gain downloads and create more brand awareness.


Some businesses use the development of an app to offer services. For example, you can sign up for a school directory app that brings parents and teachers closer together. Then, when a kid misses their homework, or there’s a case of bullying, support can be easily sought.



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Let’s go back to the mobile website, then. There’s no question that a mobile site is crucial for the operation of a business. It does everything a website does, but it encourages more sales and views through its optimization tactics. As time goes on, we’re becoming less and less reliant on internet browsing through the means of laptops and desktop PCs.


But, mobile apps also offer incredible possibilities, from instant notifications to fully interactive games. They also increase brand awareness from those who might be interested in the app but never heard of the company. When done right, a mobile app has the potential to generate all sorts of benefits. When done poorly, it’s a waste of time.


Both options offer lots of potential in terms of business use, and they’re both worth checking out.


Sharon Jones is a contributor to zenruption and has her B.A. in political science from UCLA. As a new mother, she is interested in helping shape the world her daughter will inherit. She likes pina coladas and taking walks in the rain.