We all know what a drain on our time social media can be, just from our personal lives. The stuff is addictive. But are you wasting your time on your business social media account too?

Makenzi Bonham, an expert contributor, writing in Forbes magazine, has said that companies need to get more focused on their social media strategy. Too many businesses, she says, have a sort of scatter-gun approach in which they fail to adequately strategize and when changes in the market occur, they can’t react.

She points to two significant developments in the social media space over the last couple of years. The first is Twitter’s decision to close down Vine. Vine was once a popular platform for people to communicate, but with Twitter’s increasing censorship across its platforms, it is starting to shed its least productive operations. The second big change we’ve seen has been on Instagram. Once upon a time, Instagram was merely a repository for static photographs, but now the company is changing and incorporating live streaming.


Bonham says that many small companies have been blindsided by these changes, thinking that the social media market was mature and stable when it is not. She suggests that businesses avoid trying to generate a presence on all platforms and instead just limit themselves to one or two that have the greatest reach for their particular demographic. One platform can have a dramatically higher impact than another in certain industries.

Often, businesses will just chime in with whatever social media marketing platform is popular at the time. This is a mistake Bonham says that her company made. They wound up being so thinly spread that they failed to make an impact on any of their platforms. The best social media marketing efforts are those that occur on platforms that are naturally complementary to your business. Don’t choose a favorite platform, just because you like it, she says: choose one that suits your objectives.

Connect With The Relevant Audiences

It is important according to marketers, like Pakar SEO, to make sure that you target your marketing efforts on a very specific niche. The companies that do best are those that find a platform that suits their product. For instance, the majority of people don’t go on Twitter to follow their favorite food blogs and businesses. Instead, they hop on over to Pinterest, Instagram, and even YouTube.

Post And Share At Precise Times


Don’t just spam out content at random throughout the day. Instead, take advantage of windows of time in which your message is likely to have the most impact. For LinkedIn, the best time to post is between 7.00am and 9.00am. For Facebook, it’s 12.00pm and 3.00pm. Strange but true.

Remember Your Core Objectives

Social media famously drains the world of time and saps our productivity as individuals. But, as discussed, the same can happen for businesses. Often businesses will get sidetracked with a particular social media project without realizing that it isn’t something that will generate sales or increase their profitability. Only do things on social media which will ultimately result in more sales.