We all know of the huge impact the internet has had and will continue to have on business. Particularly in the marketing arm of it. Never before have businesses of all kinds been able to get that kind of visibility and control over their image. But if you focus too much on digital marketing, you’re going to miss some of the extraordinary benefits of using the real world, too.

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Send your regards

Derisively called snail mail, sending out direct mail might seem almost archaic to some digitally minded people. But it has been shown to still have one of the highest returns on investment. If you look at how people manage their emails nowadays, it’s easy to see some of the reasons that might be the case. People still tend to open all their mail, after all, while it’s all too easy for your email to get lost in the piles of junk any one user gets. With a more personalized approach, sending someone physical mail can build more of a direct connection, too.

Make appearances

There’s also the fact that consumers actually like to know that the business they’re dealing with exists in the real world. That’s just one of the reasons you should be appearing at trade shows. There’s also the exposure to a lot of influencers in the industry, like writers and podcasters. It also gives you the perfect stage to demonstrate your product and just why it works.

Make some friends

Sure, social media platforms are a good way to extend the hand to peers in business. But it’s easy and almost negligible to send a digital message. Networking in the real world gives you the chance to truly discuss business other interested parties, building a more formidable bond, and finding your true allies. Those alliances are going to benefit you in everything from creating collaborations to sourcing brand new leads for the business. A bit of influence never hurt anyone.

Stand out

There’s nothing more valuable than getting some exposure for that impactful branding of yours. With the right use of billboards and digital signage, you can get some hugely valuable brand visibility, whether it’s in a retail center or up at the side of a busy intersection. If you run a retail store, then using digital signage also makes it a lot easier to change your marketing on the fly without using any more resources.

Have an effect

There’s also the other forces working in the world that you should extend a hand to. People want to know a business is fulfilling more than its need for profit. They’ll look at how well you fulfil your corporate social responsibility. Getting in touch with local charities and organisations to heighten your cause marketing, running events with them or even just sponsoring their efforts can reflect excellently on the brand.

Naturally, the answer of whether to physically or digitally market the business is ‘both’. Use them to support one another and make sure you’re covering as many bases as you can.