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Marketing is, and always has been, a tricky area for businesses to cover. It’s very hard to know to what customers will respond, as blatant or forceful advertising often causes the opposite of the desired effect.

The method behind the madness of a successful marketing campaign is understanding the most current trends and constantly updating your campaign in line with those. Of course, in the current age, digital marketing rules. The power of social media and other promotional tools online makes traditional forms of advertising, such as billboards, flyers, leaflets or posters seem entirely irrelevant.

Yet, we all still walk around and live in reality, as much as many of us would seemingly love to live within the virtual world, so is this really true? I think, perhaps, that traditional methods have rather blended with the virtual methods of marketing. The two often rely on one another to bring a business overall marketing success.

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Everything runs in cycles, and people like what’s different.

Intriguingly, whenever something goes “out of fashion”, much as with clothing, it’s quite likely that you haven’t seen the last of it. The same thing goes for traditional forms of marketing, which now seem rather quaint, but also exciting against a digital, impersonal wall of endless, uninteresting forms of advertisement. For many customers, traditional methods of marketing are a welcome break from all the nonsense with which they’re bombarded on a daily basis whilst browsing the web.

In contrast, there’s a limit to advertising in the real world. A creative, interesting leaflet is something that somebody can pour through of their own accord, rather than struggling to click out of pop-up ads on webpages, or skip through adverts on YouTube videos. People love the past, especially when it’s a far less annoying alternative to many of the modern forms of advertising. Remember, the key is not to force your brand upon people, but to display it in places they might see in public. This is still just as important as ever, and it works.

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Traditional methods can merge with digital methods of marketing.

Think of each one as feeding into the other. You might be struggling to spread your digital campaign to all those potential customers you want to be reaching within your target audience. Perhaps you’re just not using all the possible channels through which you could be reaching new consumers, and this could possibly be to do with differing age demographics.

Running a television advert, which promotes your website or social media profiles, is a great example of using traditional marketing to promote your brand, but also the digital side of your advertising campaign. On a smaller level, there are companies such as GH CityPrint, which can cover printing services. Brochures, flyers, posters or any forms of old-school advertising still have the same impact on customers, if utilised correctly.

You need to appeal to everybody, because the internet is not quite universal yet. Not everybody is interested or tech-savvy enough to use it within their daily life, so it’s important to make the most of every form of marketing available to you. Traditional methods aren’t outdated just yet, and, in many cases, they can improve a slacking online marketing campaign.