By Lina Martinez

Nobody wants to be unhappy at work. And, no boss wants to think of their colleagues suffering. Becoming a boss may not have been your priority when you started out. But, if all goes well, it’s a reality you will face down the line. If it’s not something you focused on before, you may not know how to create a happy work environment. Every boss to be should read up on workplace law, and legal responsibilities. But, something that’s a little harder to get a grip on is how to make your workforce happy. That’s why we’ve put together a list of techniques that should help you make your business the best place to be.

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We’ve all worked under someone at some point, and you won’t be any different. Though it may not be something you like to think about, it’s important you use that experience. If you had an unhappy relationship with your boss, consider where things went wrong. Make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. You need to be the boss you always wanted to work under. It’s important to consider every aspect of the job. Think about how you can make yourself approachable. We’ve all worked for someone who snapped our heads off whenever we wanted to speak to them. It’s never pleasant! Have an open door policy with your colleagues, and make sure to act in the right way if they bring any issues to you. It’s also important to note that a boss with no organizational skills can be a nightmare to work for. If you flap around uselessly, how can you expect more from your colleagues? Make sure you have the know-how for the job by doing something like an online engineering management degree. Courses like this will ensure you have the theoretical knowledge to cope with real management situations.


Managers are busy people. As such, it’s all too easy to lose track of what’s happening with your colleagues. But, it’s crucial you keep up to date with what's going on in every aspect of your business. You don’t even need to speak to each colleague daily to achieve this. Instead, get into the habit of sending around an online survey every six months or so. This is an excellent way to get feedback about what’s happening. Make it anonymous to invite full honesty. And, make sure you install changes based on the comments. Otherwise, colleagues will feel more like they aren't being listened to than ever before.

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Let’s be honest; nothing helps with workplace happiness so much as incentives. These are the perfect way to thank your employees. If you notice someone’s doing a good job, give them a bonus, or get them a small gift. Recognition like this will go far in boosting workplace happiness. Your colleagues will feel like you appreciate the effort they put in. As such, they’re more likely to work harder for you. Everyone wins in this situation.