The world took a pretty heavy beating in 2016, and as citizens of the world, so did we. But that year has gone now; David Bowie still isn’t with us, it’s too late to stop Donald Trump from becoming president, and Harambe only lives on in our hearts. It’s time to dust ourselves down and go at 2017 like we mean it. If you have to, think of last year as 2015: 2016 did not happen, so let’s roll on and make 2017 the best year you’ve had yet. All you need is a little revitalization, and we’re happily on hand to give you a few ideas about how it can be achieved.



With the world more fractured than ever before, it’s a good time to remind ourselves that at its core the world is still a great place, filled with kind people doing incredible things. Don’t believe me? Then head out there and see for yourself. In all corners of the globe, you’ll find communities doing the very best with however little or much they have. You’ll learn that the evil world of 2016 wasn’t really real; it was just the doing of a relatively small sample of the global population. So do whatever you can to get out there - sell your car, utilise unsecured loans, work a second job - and put your name in the hat for humanity. Nobody ever regrets it!

Change of Scenery

It’s all too easy to get complacent in where we are in our lives. Security is a blanket to us; we might not hit the heights we hoped to achieve, but we also know we won’t hit rock bottom. It’s a nice place, and if we have friends and a job that doesn’t want to poke our eyes out then life could definitely be a lot worse. While that idea will serve you well, don’t discount the other nagging voice that tells you that maybe you should be spreading your wings and challenging yourself a little bit more than you currently are. Is this the year where you pack and move to that place you always wanted to be? The year when you get serious about the dream job that you is out there somewhere? It can be, if you want it. Throw yourself into it with all you’ve got and, though it’s scary, we’re sure you’ll come the other side in a better space than you are now.


Take a Yoga Course

Our last piece of advice isn’t all that revolutionary and can be incorporated into your life! Yoga has bags and bags of benefits, some physical and many more mental. It’s a healthy refresher in the morning, one that makes you more alert than a caffeine hit and as at peace as a night under the stars. Improving your sleep, energy levels, flexibility, and much more, there’s a reason that yoga has remained a part of daily life for people who want to feel re energized and replenished for thousands of years.