Photo courtesy of  Flickr , under creative commons license

Photo courtesy of Flickr, under creative commons license

Even though we are beginning to see more popularity in water sports, we still notice that not as many people know about water sports as they know about other major sports. There could be a variety of reasons for this unfamiliarity, but one of the main reasons is because people do not have easy access to water as they do to a basketball court or baseball field. Additionally, since these sports usually do not get air time on television until the Olympics, many people only watch these sports about every four years. However, there are lots of great water sports, and you can often find yourself having the time of your life if you try these. Listed below are five water sports that everyone should try at some point.

Water Ski

One great water sport to try is water skiing. Not only is this a fun sport, but it also serves as a great way to get additional exercise, and it is a change from being on land. When you look at individuals who are water skiing, it seems that they are only holding on to a rope, but they are really doing a lot more than that.

First, they are building up strength in their upper and lower body. In order to be really competitive with this sport, individuals must continue to build up the strength in their body, and they also must have good balance. As you become better at this sport, you will want to continue to improve and challenge yourself to do additional tricks.


Kayaking is a great sport because you can do it in a variety of different water bodies. Whether you are in the ocean, a river, or a lake, you can have lots of fun kayaking. The most exciting type of kayaking is whitewater kayaking, which usually takes place in a river.

Nothing is more exciting than having the rushing water to carry you through the water at a high rate of speed. This water sport is great for exercise as well. It will give you the opportunity to get in some strength training and cardio. Since you are rowing through the fast moving water, your upper body will continue to strengthen. You should have a go at kayaking if you want to experience a different type of water sport.


Paddleboard, also known as standup paddling, is another great water sport. It is not as popular as some of the others, but it is still a great sport. One of the great benefits of this sport is that you get to control how intense you want the sport to be.

 Photo courtesy of  Flickr , under creative commons license

Photo courtesy of Flickr, under creative commons license

It can be a simple relaxing paddle, or it can be a very exciting paddle. Standup paddling is very similar to surfing; however, the only difference is that you are standing up the entire time. In order to truly get the most out of this sport, you will want to have an instructor to teach you.


Surfing is probably the most popular of all water sports. It’s a great sport for kids and adults, and if families participate together, they will have a lot of fun. This sport takes a lot of coordination and balance, and it works out every muscle of the body.

In order to surf, you will need to be near the ocean and have access to lots of waves. However, once you start surfing, it will be a sport that you can enjoy for many years to come.


Windsurfing is a great sport that is similar to surfing, but the main difference is that your surfboard now has a sail on it. Because of the sail, you will not have to have as much balance as regular surfing, but there is still much balance involved. If there is lots of wind and lots of waves, you will have the time of your life.

 Photo courtesy of  Flickr , under creative commons license

Photo courtesy of Flickr, under creative commons license

All sports are great, but there is something about water sports that makes them so much fun. Whether you are on a surfboard, paddleboard, or kayak, you will have the time of your life in the water. With the fact that you will also get a great workout while having fun, water sports are definitely sports that everyone should try.

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