By Skot Ward

There is a terribly selfish and greedy shift which occurs in human consciousness generation after generation, which left unattended will eventually and inevitably cause the downfall of humankind. The good news is that it's completely predictable and cyclical. It comes about from our insistence that we must continue to defend ourselves against one another, instead of building a system from the ground up which focuses our collective will and spirit upon becoming unified as a species. We are inevitably doomed by making the same decisions every time the opportunity arises for us to think and act differently, living our lives under the banner of a false logic which consumes and utterly decimates our compassionate souls. The world before us consequently becomes a reminder of this imbalance, assaulting our senses and showing us that we're existing as proponents of the very definition of insanity as we ourselves define it; always doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

We have the power to choose differently

There is the thought that perhaps our reality exists as a pre-deterministic structure, proposing to us all the possibilities and solutions at our disposal within its cyclical nature. It is the idea that perhaps time itself is constructed of moments which exist solely to supply us and every other living thing with an endless resource of possibilities and probabilities for a continued evolution. The question it seems, which perpetually remains unanswered, is why do we seemingly continue not to take advantage of these possibilities and probabilities, thereby allowing our species to collapse into a state of regression which we must continually recover from? Are we so invested and beholden to our beliefs and ideologies that we allow the principles and doctrines of those ideologies to become a perpetual impasse to living together in a peaceful world? Is it a realistic probability, or even a logical assumption, to believe we can create a society which is equally beneficial to all who exist? Or is this concept truly rooted deeply within the fertile ground of the mythos we tell ourselves about who we truly are?

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If one allows oneself for a brief moment to subscribe to a definition of reality which is parallel with pre-determinism, one begins to notice a pattern within the history of our species which runs concurrent with the pretense of pre-determinism. We are often given choices within our reality to either act or retreat from situations and circumstances which have been evident throughout our history, occurring over and over again with subtle alterations to their themes generation after generation. We often refer to these moments as synchronicities, or coincidences, and often they produce within us an inescapable feeling of deja vu. Does the knowledge of this lend credibility to time being cyclical in nature, as opposed to the generally accepted belief in it's linear nature? Does our reality propose to us the same enigmas until we unanimously decide to agree upon a solution to them using a completely different perspective, which alters the course of our evolutionary paradigm?

Whenever we decide differently our reality is inexorably altered. Many moments upon the timeline of mankind have proven this to be an undeniable truth. It is almost as though in these beginning years of our 21st century, that we have either forgotten we have the power to change these moments, or we are too fearful as a collective being to agree upon a course which is beneficial to all of us. At the root of that fear may be the reality that if we begin to think and act in a manner which is beneficial to all, the resources which we depend upon for our survival will be equally distributed between the billions of people who inhabit the planet, each getting an equal share. This may not seem to be a problem for the minority of us human beings who welcome equality within our species but for the vast majority of us who cling tightly to a global class system due to personal gain and profit for themselves as individuals, this proposal seems utterly ludicrous.

This fearful behavior was exemplified quite obviously during the Occupy Wall Street movement when the protesters of wealth inequality within our capitalist system were touted by the media as simply being lazy citizens who wished to take what the wealthy had away from them because of an assumed sense that they were entitled to it. This misperception and misrepresentation of what that movement was attempting to accomplish simply branded the poor and middle class within this country with the stigma of being worthless degenerates who wanted something just because they didn't have it and another class of people did. The targets of the protest completely missed the message arising from the protest, that wealth inequality within a strictly capitalist system, isunsustainable and will eventually lead to the collapse of the entire system.

We have the power as human beings to completely change the course of the Merry-Go-Round with every one of it's revolutions in order to insure that everyone has a chance to enjoy the ride. However, if we continue to look down upon the people who are waiting impatiently for their turn upon it, and keep them in their place with every single go around, then do we honestly expect them to not jump on it at some point and attempt to push us off our horse? The seeds of revolution are planted every time the fields are not prepared for everyone. To be succinct; the world needs more farmers and fewer Harvesters.


Skot Ward describes himself as such:  I've had 41 trips around the sun to make sense of this little blue dot floating inside infinite space. I truly believe that if enough people care, we can all make sense of it together.

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