You may have passed your driving test, but it would be wrong to assume you have suddenly become a good driver. In fact, many people become worse drivers over the years as they become careless and complacent on the road. You may have picked up bad habits yourself, but it’s time to make a change. With the number of traffic on the road these days, we need to remind ourselves of the everyday mistakes a lot of drivers make, from poor driving habits to lack of car maintenance.

Here are the mistakes many drivers are making on the roads today.

Becoming distracted

There are many ways drivers can become distracted. From having conversations with other passengers to shouting at other road users, we can easily take our mind off the road by focussing on something less important.

Not paying due attention and care to the road is going to cause an accident. It is important your fellow passengers know this as much as you. Your car may veer into the wrong side of the road if you lose focus, and only the sound of a passing horn will remind you that you are entering a dangerous situation.

Not maintaining the car

Your car needs to be serviced once a year to make sure it is roadworthy. However, you shouldn’t wait for the annual checkup to maintain it. Your tyre pressure needs constant surveillance. Otherwise, you are in danger of a blowout on the road, and your car won’t handle as well as it should.

Before and after a long journey you should make sure your oil is topped up at the required level. There needs to be enough wiper fluid to clean your windscreen in muddy conditions, and your car lights need to be checked to ensure you don’t face difficulty at night.

Your car can be your best friend but it can also become your worst enemy when it breaks down, so remember to give it a thorough check on a regular basis, from the wheels to the car exhaust.


Not knowing your legal rights

With the amount of traffic on the roads, an accident is just waiting to happen. You need to get the right insurance to cover you in the event of an accident, as well as knowing what lawyers you may need to contact. The legal counsel for commercial truck accidents is different to that for regular car accidents, so don’t lose out on valuable compensation by speaking to the wrong people.

Improving your road sense

You may have passed your driving test some time ago, but you need to keep up to date with new traffic laws and signage. You should also practice your driving skills, and don’t neglect anything you aren’t sure about, including the dreaded parallel parking. We all become better drivers with practice, so don’t give up on anything you struggle with. You might consider taking an advanced drivers test to improve your skills, rather than relying on those you have already developed.