By Brian McKay

Fear is evil. Period. I hate it. In order to be whole we have to approach life with no fear. In order to be objective and truly spiritual, the confines of life can't bind us.

Yes, one should be scared shitless of bears and sharks when they are present and run or swim away. That is what fear is good for. Bears and sharks. Okay, maybe tigers and lions too.

Other than that, fear usually serves a detrimental propose in our lives. It can paralyze us and create myopic societies. Hate, misogyny, racism and willful blindness are all products of fear.

The reptilian brain sees three things; can I eat it, can I fuck it and if I do either of those things, will I die? That's it. Fear starts there. Fear is a base emotion of those that wish to embrace less sophistication.

When your friends give in to some kind of immigrant apocalypse fostered by Donald Trump, they are highly reliant on the amygdala part of their brain. The amygdala is based in the fear based functions that protected mankind for thousands of years. It just doesn't work for making 21st century decisions.

You most likely will never run from a bear or have to figure out if something you eat will kill you. If that overpriced, organic shit you buy at Whole Foods killed you, their stock might crash. No capitalist wants that outcome. Ever.

Intuition is different. It is the combination of cognizant life experiences and their integration into our daily thought processes. This is the true goal that many think they have but so few do. The product of experience also creates the need for removal from the immediate situations, the analysis of our consequences and maybe even the acceptance of our insignificance. And thus intuition is born. The ability to learn and integrate learning is born of our acceptance of what we aren’t.

An entire life can be spent trying to achieve mastery, but it can't be real until fear is released Intuition is the acceptance of years of experience and most needs are released over the course of its creation. This is what creates great relationships, amazing leaders, effective teachers and societies with purpose and humanity.

Years spent trying to discover and attach this to business, politics and life, have proven how unbelievably hard releasing fear can actually be. The entire emotion is detestable and limiting in our lives, but there are still times an unexpected door opening can create a jump and a reflex..

The goal of zenruption has been transcendence since its inception. There is a next level that we can reach where we shed fear, accept lifelong learning and apply it to all we do. True value can be created. Democracy, capitalism, societal interaction and equality among participants, all benefit from the absolute release of fear and the willingness to challenge.

The greatest goal in life is never success over others but the attainment of true love, purpose and peace. Spirituality comes from the ability to appreciate the small and universal beauty that we are afforded in life. In my life, spirituality has been achieved in surrender of the things that were once important for a simpler model. Letting go has taken decades to become even close to a second nature, and in honesty it still isn’t and might never be.

After years of avoidance and rejection, we Americans are starting to move to a more spiritual point of view. It creates better capitalists, better creators, better imaginations and true intuition. That point of spirituality might also mean the survival and happiness of our children as years of denial have threatened them with ecological disaster and economically myopic thought processes..

With our world and country threatened by the actions of fear recently, our hope might exist in our transcendence from it. Donald Trumps and Ted Cruzs shouldn’t exist. The establishment needs to go away, Wall Street is misguided and unconcerned with the existence of the rest of us and conspiracy theories and science denial have become commonplace as we try to introduce a disease that says we are special and should be fearful of all others. As the richest country that has ever existed, it is time to be above the simple bullshit of the amygdala. The goal is now in moving to purpose. A society that wishes to maintain global leadership has to go there or accept failure of what they could have achieved.

We are neither special nor should we be fearful. The entirety of moderation and true spirituality in the United States recently, has been a function of the need to be fearful and special. Let go. A zenruptor is none of that. A principled American realizes that our society has been fortunate to achieve prominence and now must grow through it instead of allowing ourselves to regress.

Once our intuition becomes an appropriate guide based on objective experience and the release of all fear, only then are we are truly on track. Part of me still believes we have the ability to achieve this in our lives.

Four egg white whiskey sours and the recommendation of a cute girl contributed to this article.


Brian McKay is a co-founder of zenruption. His belief is that we constantly strive to achieve true letting go. A few whiskey sours are definitely helpful in achieving this. Let go.





Feature photo courtesy of Flickr, under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license