By Lina Martinez

It has been stated by many recently that is Donald Trump wins, they are out of here. So here is the zenruption list of 5 great countries that are easy to immigrate to right now.

Ecuador – This beautiful little country that sits on, and is named for, the equator is fast becoming a favorite destination of American expats. The Galapagos Islands are owned by Ecuador and the country has many different ecosystems in a small place. Ecuador is the first country ever to amend its constitution to include Rights for Nature, which was ratified in 2008. Living in Ecuador is very inexpensive with a big night out on the town costing about $20. The capital of Quito still has its intact Spanish colonial center and boasts amazing architecture in both palaces and churches. To immigrate to Ecuador one must show USD $800 of monthly income for themselves and USD $100 for any dependents.

Don’t become overly attached to any guinea pigs, as they are considered a delicacy.

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Ireland – We all know about the Emerald Island; its beauty and friendly residents that love to visit the local pub. The country ranks 18th on the global happiness index (the U.S. is 15th) and has been an up and coming location for tech companies to locate their operations in Europe. While the cost of living is nowhere as low as what will be found in Ecuador, it is relatively affordable for Europe. The biggest cost is in housing where rent for an unfurnished 2-bedroom apartment will be about $1800. Immigrating here is quite easy as U.S. residents do not need a visa and can apply to remain in the country if they show they can support themselves. Another avenue is to secure employment in specialized fields like tech and nursing. If any of your grandparents, or even great grandparents, were born in Ireland, you are entitled to Irish citizenship.

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Canada – While the common joke among many lately is, “I am moving to Canada if Trump wins.”, Canada is considered to be one of the most immigration friendly countries among western nations. Canada is ranked 5th on the world happiness index and boasts world class cities, an excellent education system and one of the lowest crime rates in the world. As the world’s 2nd largest country by area, Canada has vast expanses of wilderness and enormous open landscapes. Its nation’s most popular restaurant, Tim Horton’s, sells doughnuts. Canada is ranked 30th of the 36 countries that have better health care systems than the U.S.

Immigration here is quite easy as an economic immigrant. Skilled workers and workers with business management experience are strongly sought after.

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Costa Rica – Beautiful beaches, warm ocean water, massively bio diverse jungles and a ranking of 12th on the world happiness index. What is there not to love about Costa Rica? The health care system is ranked 36th, which is one step above the ranking of the U.S. system, and health care is provided universally to its citizens and permanent residents. The life expectancy in this country of 4.1 million is 77 which is one of the oldest in the world. If 801 miles of coastline and lots of rice and black beans sound great, Costa Rica is the place for you.

Establishing residency in Costa Rica is as simple as showing that one has a pension, retirement or annuity that provides $1000 / month in benefits. Another way to gain residency is to either show a guaranteed revenue stream as a foreigner or deposit $60,000 with a Costa Rican bank, which is paid out the depositor in $2500 increments over two years. After the two years, another deposit of $60,000 must be made.

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Australia – Who hasn’t dreamed of putting another shrimp on the barbie and experiencing the beauty and lifestyle that is Australia. Well luckily one of the most desirable destinations in the world is also one of the easiest to relocate to. Its healthcare system is ranked 32nd in the world (again ahead of the U.S.) and Australia boasts international cities, high paying jobs, low crime and overall excellent quality of life. Also, who doesn’t enjoy the company of those awesome Aussies. Maybe this is also why Australia is ranked as the 10th happiest country in the world.

Immigrating to Australia is as simple as having sought after skill or trade. Bonus point are given for education and age, with the most sought after workers being in the late 20’s to mid 30’s age range.

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Lina Martinez is a zenruption contributor to zenruption's life and money sections. She is seriously considering the Costa Rica option if she ever wins the lottery.




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