The zenruption team loves Ted Talks. Hannah Fry is especially awesome. She is trained as a mathematician and has her PhD in fluid dynamics. Cool stuff indeed! It gets even cooler as Hannah is now involved in complexity science at University College London. Complexity science studies crowd behaviors, trade, migration, etc.

Hannah's 2015 book, "The Mathematics of Love" (follow the link to purchase it) is constantly being proven in studies involving multiple dating websites. Did you know that women on dating sites are 2.5 times more likely to receive a response from their messages than men? Mathematically, a woman that reaches out with messages first, instead of waiting for them, has a far higher likelihood of a great match.

The zenruption team is fascinated with the science of dating and how complexity and simplicity work in life. She has even more talks we expect to geek out on.

Here are two Ted Talks from Hannah about the mathematics of love and complexity in life.