Tips to Make Moving Day Easy Peasy

Moving into a new house is a stressful and dreaded activity. It involves tedious packing, arranging every little item in a way that you will easily find them after relocating and moving them safely without damage. Surprisingly, moving can be made easier and shockingly enjoyable! Follow these five tips to make your next move hassle free.

1. Use a Color Coding System

A packing tape of multiple colors will save you a lot of time labeling the boxes when you move. You can pack all things from one room in color coded boxes, so you won’t have to search, or guess contents of the box, when you arrive in your new home. Put a small piece of the color tape on the door frame of the room they are to be placed in when you arrive at your new home.

To make this even easier, mark each box to help when unpacking. Then you can just glance at the cover and know the contents. Label the essential boxes to load last when packing and unload first when unpacking. This is a great time-saving tip, and with the right attitude and preparation, your moving can be fun instead of stressful.

2. Have a Clear Plastic Box

All the items you will need on arrival like cookware, utensils, two days of clothing, bed linens, and some towels make it easy to continue with your daily activities when you’re still unpacking. Don’t forget to pack some snacks and perishables for treating yourself during the moving process since you will arrive hungry and tired. Anything that you will need on the first two days should be separately packed in clear packs to make them easily accessible.

3. Pack the Small Stuff Separate

Small parts like screws and entertainment center assembly parts should be in a well-marked bag and make then easy to find when you arrive. Mark them then add to a bigger box, so they don’t get lost along the way or be misplaced for days when they are needed immediately you arrive, use a Zip Lock bag to have them kept together safely.

4. Use Garbage Bags for Clothes

This everyday item is the best for your garments when moving houses, it is simple and can effectively pack your hanging clothes without having to take each individual item off the hanger. Just tie several hangers together with tape or rope then pop a large garbage bag over the top and tie the bottom in a big knot. This can be folded into boxes for the long haul, or just carried that way for short moves. When unpacking, simply grab the hangers and hang them, then rip off the bags and it’s like they never left the closet!

There is no need to repack clothes that are already packed in a dresser drawer. Simply shut the drawer with a duct tape and move the dresser with its contents to prevent them from popping open during transit. And if you have out-of-season clothes that need long storage, vacuum seal them so they can be taken directly into storage in the new home and will also take up a little space during the moving day.

5. Stay Organized

This is the most important tip when you want to make your moving enjoyable instead of feeling like a punishment. Ensure you have all the packing boxes or baskets in place before you begin packing, do not forget tape, markers, wrappers and so on. When all these are in place, organize your packing instead of just dumping them into boxes, this may result in damage to your belongings or ruin your mood when unpacking disorganized stuff.

Keep each box below 50 pounds to make it easy to carry, do not hurt your back or drop the box. If it is too heavy, the box will weaken and may spill its contents taking you back to square one of packing. Pack the heavy items at the bottom and lighter ones at the top to balance the box while also protecting the items from damaging each other inside.

Don’t procrastinate packing until moving day. Waiting until the last minute to begin organizing and packing everything is a sure recipe for disaster, prepare in time and start with the items you don’t usually use and move gradually to the regularly used ones as the moving day nears. Then pack the daily use items at the last moment to moving.

These true and tested methods of moving can take away a lot of stress out of your moving day and even turn it into fun. It is possible to minimize the confusion and disarray as you settle into the new home when you cannot find the basic stuff needed immediately. This where a moving checklist comes in handy as it will help you confirm you have everything you need and has packed all things in the right manner.

Author Bio- Elizabeth is on the content team for Dynasty Partners, which builds high quality, architecturally rich homes with innovated designs. She enjoys decorating homes, hiking, hanging out with her family, and volunteering at the animal shelter in Des Moines, Iowa.