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Working around Christmas time can be a bit... stressful. Alright, it can be an absolute nightmare at times! From the chaos of year-end deadlines to wondering if you'll have a chance to squeeze in some late-night shopping. Sometimes is can feel like it would be easier just to skip the whole month December! Fear not Scrooge's of the world! There are just a few things you can do to make working over the holiday period just that little bit more bearable. (And not just for yourself!)


Plan ahead


I know it can feel like Christmas starts earlier every year. (Does anybody actually want to hear Jingle Bells in October?) But the early start gives you a chance to plan ahead and get a lot of the stressful part of the season out of the way. Cooking the roast on Christmas Day? Buy your meat well in advance and freeze it. You can even boil and freeze the potatoes ready for roasting on the day. Make sure that you're aware of any end of year work deadlines and are working towards them. Plan your time well and make sure you leave yourself plenty of wiggle room. Of course, there will always be things that get forgotten or left to the last minute. With careful planning, however, they shouldn't cause too much disaster.


Stay cool at the Christmas party



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We all know Christmas parties can get pretty raucous. But the last thing you want to is to wake up and discover that you got a bit too friendly with the photocopier the previous night. Drink responsibly and make sure to remember that these are your coworkers and even your boss. Just because it's outside of office hours doesn't mean you have to let loose completely. No one's telling you not to have fun but maybe when you're standing on your manager's desk singing 'Walking In The Air' at full volume, it's time to go home.


Spread the joy


It might not always feel like it, but Christmas is the spirit of giving. Sometimes getting through the season is as easy as helping someone else do the same. Let your colleagues know how much they mean to you with some little gifts. (Even a tin of sweets for the office can lift everyone's moods.) If there's a secret Santa, actually put the effort it to finding out what yours would like. Corporate Christmas gift hampers for clients or customers work wonders for cementing working relationships. Spread some joy around, and it's sure to come back to you.


Get into the spirit


It can feel like a slog. It can feel like a chore. But in the end, Christmas is about happiness. Get into the swing of things. Put on the fluffy antlers! Single along to all the Christmas songs! Smile politely at the hideous jumper your boss's wife knitted for them! In the end, Christmas comes but once a year and, even if it can be a struggle to work through December, it's ultimately worth it.