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By Arooshy Malik

Many Americans do camping now more than ever. During 2015, about 2.2 million people used to sleep outdoors. This is an encouraging trend, however, regardless of being a seasoned pro or newbie, you may wish to camp someday while hitting a rut.  Whatever the rut is – your desired campground is always booked, the tent may smell like the mildew, or you don’t have enough time – it can occur to anyone. Fortunately, the camping itself is super fun, cheap and very easy. All you require is the swift kick for regaining the mojo. So here are the basic tips for camping like a champ.

1.    Walk Less:

Car camping is best, but sleeping amid the RVs running the generators has been experienced little many time, then you should try walking. The general thing is that more you walk better gets the camping. Some campers stay away from the cars, and by doing so, they don’t enjoy the camping adventures as they had imagined. You may hear an owl, or see the sky and feel very lonely. Also, by carrying what you have brought will make you bring less stuff.

2.    Make a box:

It takes a little longer in doing the packing for the camping tour, but it should not take much time. The headlamp which you are looking for may be found in the sock drawer, and you may even don’t know that where is your spork. So, always keep a camping box with all the necessary equipment in it including the sleeping bag, cookware, the items for self-defense like a pocket knife, medical stuff and other urgent things which should always be ready to go.

3.    Go unplugged:

You pass the days of your whole life while keeping yourself in the access of your smartphone. Try few days without it. One of the main reasons for staying away from the camping is the modern technology, or going back to the basics. Try to keep remembering the things instead of googling them all the time. You never know that which things come up in the chat. Bring the camera with you to capture the amazing photos. If you go unplugged, then it will good for keeping your attention concentrated and will help a lot in focusing on the nature around you.

4.    Don’t leave any trace:

For camping like a champion, you are required to follow the seven basic rules of never leaving any trace. While doing the camping with folks who don’t know about these rules, then do share some important things with them about keeping the campsite tidy. If the number of people who camp is larger, there are more chances of the area getting soiled. You will be the first line of the defense. You need to practice the rules and then pass on this wisdom to your members, or you will get surrounded by the land filled with poo buried in it.  

5.    Be spontaneous:

You are not required to always plan for the camping trips along the complex logistics. Many times it is like going out by making simple and spontaneous plans. Even if it is raining, who cares? Go out for a road trip, stand your tent in the forest, and you will have the best experience. Such kind of camping on the whim turns out to be the excellent trips as you don’t carry many expectations regarding the trips in your mind. The whole world is for you, and anytime, some patch of the planet is perfect and calling you to be there.

Arooshy Malik

Arooshy Malik