by John Foley

Sometimes business owners and managers will decide that employing a team leader to handle some duties is the best option on the table. In many instances, you might consider promoting someone from within your workforce who always goes the extra mile for your brand. Whoever you hire, be sure to find someone with the qualities and personal traits listed below.


Whoever you employ, make sure you choose a forward-thinking person who gets excited about the future. Ideally, you need someone who can come up with lots of ideas that will help you to refine your processes and increase productivity. Forward-thinking people are always the best at working towards that goal.

Emotional intelligence

Employing a team leader who does not have emotional intelligence is never a smart move. You need someone who can communicate with all your employees on a level they appreciate. So, don’t make the mistake of hiring someone who acts like a child because they will cause your company many issues.


It stands to reason that you need a hard-working team leader if you want them to inspire your employees to go the extra mile. So, make sure you choose someone with excellent references who always goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Look for those skills and personality traits when you decide to employ a team leader or promote someone within your workforce. You can also learn more about skills people will need in the future by checking the infographic under this post.

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