by Lina Martinez


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There’s a good chance you’ve seen drones about, or have at least heard of them. While you may have previously considered them a sheer novelty for hobbyists, they can actually have a huge benefit for your small business. These small, unmanned vehicles can take photographs and video footage from a distance, which can come in extremely useful for your business process. Here are just a few different industries that drones can legitimately simplify improve!


There are various industries based around real estate that can sincerely benefit from making use of drones. Let’s take construction firms as an example. Traditionally, if you run a construction firm, you’d have to send a specialist member of staff out to a site to take a look at any area you are planning on building on or any structure you are planning on working on. Now, this can be relatively simple sometimes (if only a little inconvenient for the member of staff having to head outdoors). People can easily survey ground quality, and low level structures themselves. However, when it comes to larger structures, drones really can come in useful. Say you’re having to survey the condition of a large bridge. A drone can fly up and get some good, close up footage of its underside for you. If you need to take a look at the condition of a high rise building’s exterior, a drone can simplify this process too.

Wedding Photography

If you are a wedding photographer or videographer, you’re constantly striving to stand out from the competition. Couples want a unique take on their big day, and you’re going to have to put some serious effort into catching their eye. A high-quality drone from can help you to achieve this, as it will give you an edge over the competition. You will be able to take scenic aerial shots of the couple’s venue. You will also be able to get a photo with all of the guests in from a bird’s eye view. This is obviously difficult when everyone is on a level surface. But from above, it’s simple!


Now, the majority of us don’t usually associate agriculture with technology. We tend to have an image of this industry as old and quaint, filled with traditional tractors and other equipment. However, agriculture is consistently benefiting from technological developments. Drones can simplify the work process in this sector. They can quickly survey large areas of land, allowing farmers to take a look at the overall quality of large crops. Having a wide-spanning image of everything they are growing will allow a farmer to work out which areas require extra fertilizer and which may be ready to harvest without having to walk through the crops themselves and damaging them.

These are just three industries that can benefit from the use of drones. There are plenty more out there. So, consider how a drone can improve your business process and practice today!