by Brian McKay

There are some things in life that can just be counted upon as life’s pleasures. Some fresh olives. An exquisite glass of wine. A fine beer on a summer’s day. Now, imagine if we could make these things not just part of our personal lives, but our professional life too? Well, maybe we can. Take craft beer. It’s positively booming at the moment, and it’s only expected to grow in the coming years. If you love your beer, and have an eye for business too, then it might be worth seeing if you have a viable business on your hands. But what do you need? We take a look below.



Bring the Passion

First, we’re duty bound to tell you: it’s unlikely that you’ll become rich through craft beer. While it does happen for some owners of breweries, they’re the exception, not the rule. In most cases, it’s a business of passion. So, make sure you have the passion! It’s not enough just to have a passing interest in the final product. You need to be enthusiastic about the whole process; selecting the ingredients, refining the taste, designing the packaging, and so on. It’s a difficult business to be in, but if you fundamentally enjoy what you’re doing, then it won’t feel like it.

Getting Professional

There are a few key differences between a professional brewer and someone who just does it in their spare time. One is inventiveness; you need to play around and create a unique taste. The second is quantity - you’re going to be producing big batches! Finally, there are standards. If you’re selling your product, then each one needs to be top-quality. You can buy beer testing equipment from Weber Scientific to ensure that every batch is meeting your standards. It’ll show that your serious about what you’re trying to achieve.

Starting Small

In some cases it’s best to grow to a sizeable level as soon as possible. In the beer game, this is not the case. It’s best to start small, to perfect your operations and then think about scaling up. This will help to ensure that you get everything just right, but it’ll also protect your money. There can be a lot of expenses that rack up when you’re starting beer brewing, so it’s best to keep a lid on your operations until you’re sure you want to grow.

More Than Beer

There’s more to craft beer companies than just their drinks. There’s a whole world they build around them. For example, you can look at hosting concerts, beer festivals, and other events that get your brand out into the world. It’s a license just to do cool stuff, basically!

Standing Out

Finally, keep in mind that there’s no shortage of competition when it comes to craft beer. As such, you’ll need to find a way to stand out, to get yourself noticed. If you focus on your product and being the best you can be, always with a unique twist, then this will be all the more straightforward.