by Lina Martinez

If you’re running a company, do you ever worry about levels of security? Well, you should be. If you don’t keep a check on security levels, then you will almost certainly suffer from a potentially damaging breach. Look at Equifax. Equifax is a huge company that handles a lot of data for literally millions of companies. When they were breached hundreds of thousands of customers where exposed. This was certainly a warning for other companies to get on board and get up to date security systems operating in their business model. There are are a few features that you definitely want to think about using and equipment you should invest in.


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Digital CCTV Systems

CCTV systems aren’t new of course, and they are definitely useful and beneficial as part of your business security profile. With CCTV, you can make sure that you keep a check on the exterior and the interior of your business building, handling any issues that could arise. However, you need to be careful here because while these systems are clever, they can be tricked with blind spots. That’s why you should have movable CCTV cameras that can monitor and check more areas.

You may also want to think about investing in digital CCTV. Usually, this means the CCTV system is connected to a cloud server which will allow you to check up on your business even when you are not in the office. You’ll be able to see the feed on your phone or your laptop or virtually any other system you can think of.

ID Systems

There are two types of ID systems that you can think about investing in. The first is physical. With physical security systems in place, it’s possible to check who is entering and leaving your business throughout the day. You can do this quite simply by making sure that you invest in ID tags. These can be read by computer scanners and provide full information about individuals and employees of your company.

You can also think about using digital software that will provide ID authentication. There are many advanced identity management solutions that you can consider investing in, and that will be beneficial to your company. You should look at some of the options on the market to find the right one for you. Ultimately, this means that you can secure your business online and in the office.


The best way to think about computer viruses are like actual organic viruses. Organic viruses do grow and develop causing the creation of superbugs which are incredibly dangerous. The same is true for cyber viruses. They grow and evolve until they are something that can take control of your entire computer system.

The good news is that like organic viruses there is a medicine against cyber bugs and that’s antivirus software. This works like an antibiotic and is also constantly evolving and growing. As such, if you haven’t updated your antivirus software recently, you definitely should. The likelihood is that it’s out of date and no longer very effective at keeping your company safe.