by Sharon Jones

It’s one thing to get people to visit your website and take a look around, but it's quite another to get them to part with their hard earned money and make a purchase. However, for the long-term success and survival of your business, this is precisely what you need to know how to do. Luckily, in the post below you will find a rundown on how to increase conversions and turn those visits into actual profit. Read on to find out more.


First of all, you need to get the right type of people to visit your site in the first place, ones that have a strong chance of purchasing what you have on offer.

One way to do this is to focus on your search engine marketing strategies (SEM). These are designed to bring up your business in adverts above the natural top search engine results when someone searches for a keyword relating to what you do.

In particular, using things like these strategies for Google Ads automation can help you improve your SEM, as well as allow you to run this side of things more efficiently. Something that should help to generate more profit from conversion, but also reduce your overheads in the long term, because it won't have to be done manually. Therefore and saving money there as well.                 


Another smart way of getting more people that visit your site to purchase something is to offer a foolproof guarantee, as this acts as a reassurance that if they are unhappy with the product they can return it and get their money back.

Now, you may think this a risky proposition because what happens if all of you customers send the item back? Well, first of all, this is very unlikely, and secondly, if your product does what you are advertising, there won't be a significant number of returns to eat into your profits. Therefore, making it an advantageous trade-off in the long term.  


Are you more likely to buy a product where the company rants and raves about how wonderful it is, or where a real person leaves an honest review? It's probably the latter, as having access to objective reviews by real consumers is something that can help to boost conversion rates.


It is a matter of trust here because everyone knows that as the business that is selling an item you have a vested interest. However, the opinion of someone that has bought the product with their own money and used it for its intended purpose in their own home has a much higher credibility level.



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Therefore where possible encourage reviews via object platforms like Feefo and Trust pilot. In fact, even the negative ones can ultimately be turned around to demonstrate what excellent customer care you provide, which is something that also can help you to increase conversions.


Faceless corporations looking to make a fast buck are out and humanized businesses that are there to help the individual solve a problem they are experiencing are in. What this means is that if you want to make as many conversion into hits as possible, you will need to find a way to humanize your businesses.

One way of doing this is to write your brand story. Steer clear of writing about the desire to make profits or dominate the market, and instead focus on the founders' account of how they saw a need for something that can help people, make their lives better, or more fun and choose to plug this with their product.

James Dyson as the face of his company.


In fact, using the founder as a personality can often work well like the Brand Dyson do. After all, it will give your business a very human face. One that can be used in adverts and marketing videos and that will allow people to relate to your product in a much more meaningful way. Something that should ensure that visitors turn into conversions when browsing your site, instead of clicking away.

Collect Information as well as sell.

Of course, conversions aren't all about making money right now. Sometimes it can be more valuable to get the visitors to complete the desired actions, such as signing up for newsletters, providing contact information, answering a survey, or watching a video.

All of which can provide insight that your business can grow and leverage into profit later on. Therefore, think carefully about how you will encourage website visitors to do this, and how this information can be applied to improving sales conversions at a later date.