Being made redundant is never easy. What’s worse is that it can come for you at any time, even if you’ve been a loyal employee at that firm for your entire working life. It’s easy to feel deflated about being let go, especially when it wasn’t your fault. Having your world shaken up like this can not only affect your career, for the time being, it can affect your entire perceptual framework about how you should conduct your life.

However, now more than ever you can’t afford to rest on your laurels. This can be a fantastic time of self-reflection and heading out to achieve new amazing career adventures, but only if you work towards it. Just because you no longer have a solid 9-5 doesn’t mean your hours during that 9-5 are free for leisure. This can be an excellent way to reforge your personal life into one that you might have wanted for some time deep down.

Follow these tips to keep yourself active and productive during this time.

Qualify Yourself

If you have a stable home internet connection, which most modern people do, why not complete a degree online? There is a huge array to choose from, from basic business knowledge accreditations to practical and useful innovative leadership courses. This will help you gain the footing to earn an even better business position next time you apply for a job, and this can give you the boost you need. This might even result in your entering a new firm in a position that it would have taken you two promotions to achieve at the old. Not even redundancy is a negative sentencing.

Read Around Your Career Change

You can also use this time to read around your subject and make sure that you have the knowledge to apply to every facet of your new career change. Not many people, outside of the requirements for their course in business school or the role they’ve just applied for, read into the more obscure operations of business like payroll effectiveness or simple HR tips. Spending this time absorbing useful information can make you that much better as a business presence, and this can last you the entirety of your life, not just for the duration of your next job role.

Read Biographies of Successful People

Reading biographies of those you respect will serve two purposes. One, it will give you the motivation you need to once more attack your dreams in business, and believe yourself capable of achieving it. For the most part, successful people of note seem to have very humble beginnings, and this can help you feel like you’re capable of it too, through hard work and self-education.

Attend The Local Library

The internet has led to dwindling attendees of local libraries, and that is a shame. Not only will this be an excuse to leave the house and study in a fresh environment, but libraries often house amazing resources that you might not even find online. There’s always benefit to absorbing the informational depository suitable in your local library. You might come across texts that are fundamental in your resurgence to success.