Photo courtesy of  Flickr , under creative commons license

Photo courtesy of Flickr, under creative commons license

Is your company performing well in its home market but seems to be sluggish in the global market? Being able to expand to a global scale is a huge goal for many companies, but it’s a goal that isn’t always easily attainable. While there can be all kinds of factors that contribute to a less than stellar performance globally, one problem could lie in your customer relations.

If you suspect your global customer relations may not be up to par and you’re unsure of what you can and should do, you’ll want to take a look at these tips.

Are Your Representatives Properly Trained?

It is said that your employees are a reflection of your company, so with that said you want to ensure that they are always properly trained and able to handle all that comes their way. Depending on what kind of company/business you have, it may be necessary to find employees that have a more extensive background in global relations.

A program such as the online diplomacy degree through Norwich University is an excellent example of the kind of training and knowledge that may be necessary. Students in the online MDY program can typically choose between a few main areas of specialty. These include cyber diplomacy, international terrorism, international commerce, and international conflict management.

The information they learn in school can be imperative in helping to find a resolution to a number of different conflicts that can occur and will prevent your business from reaching its goals.

Start to Build a Stronger Network

Sometimes, the solution to your problems may lie outside your company. It could be that you need to build a stronger network of contacts. This includes people such as industry experts, professional acquaintances, colleagues, partners, contractors, suppliers, associations, and community representatives.

Networking isn’t something that you do once and then move on; it should be a continuous process so that you’re always expanding your group of contacts.

Photo courtesy of  Flickr , under creative commons license

Photo courtesy of Flickr, under creative commons license

Make Sure You Understand Your Customer's Expectations

While you may think you know what your customers want and expect, it could be that you aren’t hitting the mark. It may be necessary to take the time to speak with your customers, or even do a customer service survey. Unless you are clear on what they expect, you won’t be able to deliver.

The Customer Service Level Needs to Be Consistent

It really doesn’t matter what department you are looking at in your business, the customer service levels should be the same across the board. Customers will benefit from this, but it also makes a more cohesive work environment for your employees.

Small Changes Can Lead to Big Gains

Keep in mind that it may not be necessary to make huge sweeping changes across your customer relations department. Sometimes, the small changes are just as effective. What’s more important is to figure out where you are excelling and where you are falling behind, so you can address those areas in a more focused and specific way.