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For best results, you should spend around 30 minutes a day working on each of your social media channels. With most businesses having an average of 3 social media platforms, that’s already one and a half hours a day spent promoting your company on social media. On top of this, it also takes time to learn how each platform works, and many small businesses just do not have the time or resources to dedicate to social media promotion and engagement.

In 2015, a study found that 68% of people who took part stated the reason they followed an organization on Twitter was to keep up to date with the latest news about them, showing us how important it is to keep social media channels up to date, relevant and engaging. Doing so keeps your current customers interested as well as helping you attract new customers. Currently, 80% of marketers use Facebook, so by not promoting your business on Facebook, you’re allowing your competitors to engage with and potentially steal your customers.

Outsourcing your marketing efforts could be just what you need to get those crucial business opportunities, and give you more time to work on what you do best. There are plenty of positives to outsourcing your social media; these are our top four:


Simply put, outsourcing your social media can save you precious time and energy. Producing a solid social media plan each week takes up a lot of time, especially if you want to do it well. Outsourcing frees up in-house resources which may otherwise be too busy to produce a good social strategy.


Agencies with a strong social media team will take your social media plan and develop it. Social media can tell you a lot about your target market, and a good marketing company will use this information to improve how your social channels work. They will direct your social profiles, company ethos, and voice towards what will engage your customers and profit your business. In addition to this, digital agencies understand the variations of what content is more successful across the different social platforms you’re using. What will work on Facebook may not have the same affect on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.

Writing skills

If your team is lacking the essential copywriting skill needed to write engaging social content, it may be time wasted even to ask them to do it. People want access to information fast, and professional agencies are already clued up on important details, such as the optimal post length for each platform, to ensure they’re marketing your company effectively and attracting more traffic to your site. If this is the kind of mistake you can’t afford to make, then it’s best to pass over the responsibility to a marketing team who specialize in copywriting.


Recruiting an experienced in-house Social Media Manager for your company will cost you a lot more than outsourcing your social media to an agency. In addition to this, an agency has a team of marketing professionals, who can answer questions or cover each other when someone goes on holiday or is sick. If you employ just one person to work in the office, you will not have these luxuries.