Have you noticed a shift in how your team of employees is working? Is it taking longer for projects to be completed? Have the attitudes of your team members changed? Whatever changes you’ve noticed in your workplace, if your team isn't working as productively as before, you need to change that.

The question is, of course, how can you go about doing that? What are the best steps to take? To help you to ensure that your team is working as productively as they should be, below are some tips and ideas for fixing a lack of performance from your employees.

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Communication is key

The first thing to know is that when it comes to keeping your employees on track with their workloads, communication is key. If you aren’t willing to make communication a priority, it’s no wonder that you’ve noticed your team isn't as productive as they could be. By being a good communicator, you can ensure that your team not only know what is expected of them but also know when they’ve fallen behind with things. The best methods of communication are meetings, one to ones with each team member, and video chats. Regular communication is key to success when it comes to employee productivity.

Set targets

To boost productivity in the workplace, another good idea is to set targets. By setting targets for your employees, both individual and team targets, you can motivate them to work harder. This is especially true if you offer rewards for when targets are met on time.

Introduce productivity trackers

If you don’t already use productivity trackers to keep on top of how well your employees are working, now could be the time to do so. When it comes to keeping track of how well an employee is doing, a lot of business owners swear by organizational charts like the ones offered at Pingboard.com. These charts can be used to keep track of which employee is in which role, along with what their role consists of, and whether they are up to date with their work. You can even share these charts with team leaders so that they can contribute to them as well.

Incorporate more team training

Studies have shown that when employees feel valued, they tend to work harder as they want to please their employers. That’s why it’s a good idea to incorporate more team training into your employees’ schedules. You see, by enrolling your team members in training to help them learn new skills and gain experience, you are improving their resumes and giving them a better chance of getting where they want to be in their careers. Invest in training for your team, and you will see an improvement in productivity.

Make breaks compulsory

Research has suggested that breaks are important when it comes to productivity, as they allow your employees to take a break, recharge their batteries, and refresh their minds. Make taking short breaks compulsory, so that each team member gets adequate breaks throughout the day, and is more productive because of it.

For more productive employees, take note of the tips above.