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The economy has picked up again since the almighty crash of 2007 that shook the world. The markets have picked up, employment rates have improved, currencies are strong again and the property market is back to where it was. However, people are still wary of this kind of event happening again, and that means they aren’t spending quite like they once did.

As such, people are choosing to invest their money in bricks and mortar and, more specifically, home improvements. This has seen a huge rise in construction companies, both at a local and a national level.

So how do you stay ahead of the competition? Well, it isn’t enough to just be a great construction company. You need to be business-savvy as well and know how to become more efficient.

It Starts At The Top

In order to get the best out of your employees, you are going to need to hire extremely effective managers and site foremen. By hiring the best people in managerial roles you will see an immediate increase in productivity and efficiency, and that is because a great manager will have the ability to boost morale, make quick and correct decisions and encourage a great work ethic. They will also be effective communicators, and able to connect with both senior management, customers, clients, and laborers. So make sure you hire someone that has a background in skilled labor and worked their way up.


The Right Tools

Sure, a good workman never blames his tools, but, at the same time, you cannot expect your employees to produce the best results without supplying them with the right equipment. A breaker is going to be quicker than a lump hammer. That is a fact. But it isn’t just on-site equipment you need to think about because the less amount time employees spend traveling between site and yard, the better. So upgrade their vans with small things like ladder racks, and make sure deliveries are made on time so that no one is waiting around to perform, and think about efficiency when it comes to concreting a big space because a mixing lorry is going to be quicker than four guys with an electric mixer.

Always Plan Effectively

The more you plan the quicker - and more accurately - your employees can get on with their jobs. There is nothing more detrimental than poorly defined goals, responsibilities or methods because these will always end up in confusion, or worse doing the work again. So make sure everyone is on the same page, everyone is following their same plans, everyone is speaking the same language and everyone is able to identify problems and communicate them quickly. The more you plan out the little things, the better. It could be deciding to have your sand heap there and not there, or making sure the storage container is easily accessible for everyone, and clearing a path for deliveries. The better you plan, the better you can work as a team, which will mean you can get paid faster and move on to the next job quicker.