Moving into a new office is an exciting time. Not only is it an excellent way to refresh your business and give you a new start, it’s the perfect time to introduce new things to your office to make it run more efficiently and more productively than your last one. You might have to say goodbye to some workers that couldn’t justify moving with you to a new office, but moving to a new workplace comes with many excellent advantages.

Sadly, it doesn’t help that almost every business owner forgets a couple of crucial things when moving to a new office. The excitement of moving to a new place washes over real concerns and, before you know it, you’re knee-deep in new problems that should’ve been fixed a long time ago. If you want to avoid an embarrassing moment, then here are a couple of things that you should remember when moving office.

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Safety checks

Do you remember hiring an electrical tagging service for all of your equipment such as your server, computers and other electrical devices? Well, don’t forget that you have to do it again at your new location especially if there are new machines and devices in your new location. Ensure that you are hiring services to give you a safety survey and to fix any problems that your office may have in terms of health and safety. The last thing you want is for an employee to injure themselves on the first day of moving, so keep these things in mind!

Update your contact details

Surprisingly, one of the most common things that people forget when they change office location is to update all of their addresses and contact information. Your phone number probably changed and your address is going to be different, so make sure that you go through all of your social media accounts and profiles and update your website so that your customers don’t end up sending your old address some important documents. Remember that you should also update your location on Google’s business directory and any other business directories you can think of. Leave no stone unturned!

Get used to new local services

If you were used to calling the same people for tech support, electrical help or even fast food, then update your contacts with new numbers so that you can continue getting excellent services. Of course, you don’t need to update contacts that can continue to provide a service or if you moved to a location that isn’t very far away, but it’s still a good idea to get used to your new neighbours and meet them as soon as you can to build a strong relationship.

Prevent the clutter

Perhaps the best thing about moving office is the fact that you have a blank slate. If you want to continue keeping your office looking fresh and new, then you have to keep it decluttered and remove as much junk as you can. Ensure that you throw away all those old pieces of hardware (or sell them if possible) and keep your office free of useless documents and unnecessary objects.