While computers represent an amazing aspect of our personal and professional lives, they are quite frankly almost useless without being paired with the right software.

You see, software represents custom made packages for your computer that allow your computer to complete tasks for you. These tasks could be anything, from managing your calendar and workflow, right through to automating your budgets.

Software, it does a lot for our businesses. If you’re relying on old fashioned methods, you’ll be wasting a lot of money, but more importantly, you’ll be wasting a lot of time. If you’re running your own business then you might have a number of issues on your hands when you waste something as important as time. If you’ve got a problem, it is likely that a piece of software exists that could save a lot of time for you! It could even save your business and resources.

If your accounting processes are taking far too long, it might be that a software injection can save you a lot of time in this area. Packages like Intuit Quickbooks Online have various options for different scales and sizes of business. Accounting software is good as it simply needs basic data entry to automate things like tax and budgets for you. You can go a step further and link it to a bank account to further automate your accounts. Quickbooks can also project your budget based on expenditure and income.

There are plenty of web based applications to suit your business needs as well. Google Chrome comes built in with plenty of extensions such as spellcheckers, word processors and others. If your business has a need, it is likely that webapp exists. For to-do lists there is Wunderlist, for cloud storage there is Google Drive. Social media applications like Facebook and Twitter can allow you to connect with your audience and market your goods. Of course the web also allows you to use a virtual business address if your business is more mobile in nature.


As well as the cloud storage offered by Google Drive, remote storage solutions are offered by Dropbox as well. You can also send massive files online via Wetransfer. The cloud can become your main route of storage.

Slack is an instant messaging application that goes above and beyond simple instant messaging. Through various integrations Slack can become a real virtual office and the limits of what Slack can do are only limited by what you can think of. You can possibly be notified via Slack when your business is mentioned on social media. When linked with IFTTT or 'If This Then That" slack can do some really amazing things like inform you of news articles and when your employees log in. You can even automate birthday messages to bring a smile to a face!

Of course, there’s absolutely no-end to what software can do for your business and if you can assess a need in your workplace, it is likely that a specific piece of software exists that can really help you out.