The construction industry is one that it’s more than possible to make a profit in. However, it’s also an industry with a lot of moving parts, most of them costing you money in some form or another. It’s all too easy for a contractor to see those big gains eaten away by a serious mismanagement of their costs. Here are some of the big ones and how you stop them from taking too big a slice of your pie.

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Lead building

If you want to make any profit, then you’re going to need leads. However, there are some methods of doing that which are much more cost effective. Focusing too much on outbound marketing might be a way to reach out more, but it’s also very costly. Instead, focus on building your inbound marketing. Use search engine optimization to make your site a lot more visible and create content for it that appeals to your market in order to draw more of them in. Get involved more in networking and organically meeting potential clients instead of hunting and pecking for them individually. Make yourself easier to find, instead of having to find customers yourself.

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Then look at the supplies that you’re using for the job. You need those supplies but you don’t need them to cost so much. Building good, long-term relationships will put you in a better position for negotiation down the line. But identifying the right people from the start is important. Ask for the supplies that can work to fit your specific needs, too. Get custom stainless beams instead of regular beams that are going to take more work and time on your end. Instead of using bigger stores, go to their suppliers for the specific things you need.

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Equipment can cost even more than supplies because they become a part of the business. Spending less money on them means thoroughly evaluating your needs. If you run a business fleet, then look at whether you’re using all those vehicles or if you could sell some and rid yourself of maintenance and fueling costs in the long term. When you need a new piece of equipment to do a job, look at how much you’ll be using that equipment in future. Could it be smarter to lease construction machinery instead of buying it?

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The same goes for the people you need. Have a more thorough hiring process to ensure that you’re bringing in the most reliable people. Not just in terms of physical condition, but what they can do. If you have someone who has the skills of two roles, you might save yourself having to hire another person. Of course, you can build that versatile workforce by training them yourself, too.

There are a lot more ways to cut costs. Get more efficient with your resources as well as your energy. Properly estimate contracts to see how profitable they are. Use the points above as a stepping stone to start cutting costs all throughout the business without cutting quality.