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By Brian McKay

No matter who you are, you are subject to the impressions of the people around you. Even if you disregard the opinions of others as not important (which is semi-advisable for a happy life,) you are still affected by them. This might be through how polite a cashier is to you on a given morning, or how well your date goes this Friday. If this is true for you, it’s surely true for your business. Perception is everything, and so considering this a vital resource for your business is a wise and intelligent way of thinking outside the box.

We’re here to offer advice. We hope to detail how you can identify and improve the perception of your consumers, customers, clients or shareholders. If you too understand the importance of perception, read on:

Experience As A Customer

No matter what firm you possess, it’s likely you’re in the business to make money. At least that is one of the important factors of running. If you hope to make money, you hope to receive money. If you hope to receive money, your business assumes it will be received from a customer. So by a logical extension, you should hope to experience a customer’s journey. From the first step into your store, the first click to your webpage, or the first response they receive from your phone lines, they will begin to build their impression.

They want to come in and spend money, so it’s your job to impress them to do so and dissuade them from leaving. For this reason, assessing all aspects is important. Call your support teams ten times and note an average of how pleased you are with their responses. Make use of mystery shoppers to review your retail stores. Encourage feedback, reviews online and allow for these communications to ride up the business hierarchy so those who can impact change will understand the problem. Then, communicate those changes to the customer. People always like to see businesses which listen and adapt to the shifting needs of the market, so be sure to count yourself in this group.


The previous heading was concerned with customers who naturally find your business. That assumes your customer knows of your firm in the first place. It’s also important to retrieve those customers through exposure. For this, hiring a great digital marketing agency is essential. It’s critical you read reviews of the firm in question, such as this King Kong advertising review.

Your business will be impacted more by this firm than any other, so choose wisely. If you get this right, you will nurture a public image which in its best extension, will generate word of mouth sales or commissions. To do this, you have to know your demographic. Tailoring the best public offering will help gather clients suitable and convert those who use other competition to you. Double this marketing push with a promotion, and you’ll be sure to turn heads and note your business on the map.

As you develop, you should continually think about public perception with every move you make. When you have the customer base and the revenue is steady, it will then be time to start improving the perceptions of your staff, investing in them and their teams when the time is right.

With this constant ebb and flow of investment and testing the waters externally and internally, your business will flourish for many years to come.