Your small business uses up more energy than you think. Don’t believe it? Just take a look around your office now and try to count up how many lights are embedded into the ceiling and question yourself: do they really need to be on? How about taking a look at how many unattended computers are still on. What about the waste bin near your desk, is it full of useless bits of paper that need to be emptied soon? Boost your profits by considering some of these energy-saving tips.

Source: Pixabay

Saving Money Starts Small

Bleeding money out of your business is never a good thing. It can come in the form of being wasteful, being lazy or just being clueless. Are you buying too much tea and coffee that just gets thrown away? Do you have stacks of printing paper that aren’t being used (or being used too much)? How about the lights that are on in rooms that are unoccupied?

Everyone in your office can contribute to small savings that will add up. If every employee turns off the lights that aren’t needed and switches off their computer when they are out, then you’d be surprised at how much money you can save per month.

Go Digital

As mentioned before, using too much paper is never a good thing. Instead of printing out everything that you need, consider switching to electronic systems. Let’s say you currently print out every invoice you send and receive for the sake of archiving them. Switch to a cloud software solution so that you can host all the invoices online. They’ll be easier to access, you’ll have no need to print them off, and you won’t even need a hard drive to store the documents.

Consider Other Energy Sources

There are conventions around the world that showcase new and improved forms of renewable energy. Kenya's Renewable Energy Conference is a good example of this. You can gather up ideas on how to save money by switching to green energy sources such as solar. Although it’s a hefty investment, you’re bound to make big savings after a couple of years, and they aren’t very hard to install. Always consult professionals, and make sure you do all the calculations before making the final decision.

It’s Good For Public Relations

By implementing greener policies, you might receive government awards and with some special certifications, you could attract more customers once they know that you’re serious about saving the earth. All it takes is a mention in every advert, or just a logo or an emblem at the bottom of your advertisement images that shows that your company has gone green.

It All Adds Up To More Money

Your business is made to generate revenue. If adopting greener policies means that you’ll make more money in the long term, then it’s a no-brainer. However, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. You can’t expect your entire company to make the switch overnight, and if you’re not adopting a greener lifestyle at home then it will be hard to cope at work. Consider the long-term effects of going green and the work involved before you decide to do it.