Businesses often have various areas of convenience for their customers when they're not actively shopping. Many provide bathrooms for customers to use, especially if they sell food or drink. Others might have changing rooms to try on clothes, or perhaps waiting areas for transitional periods in their purchase. Some businesses even offer kids' areas for entertainment while their parents eat or shop. These areas can all enhance the customer experience but only if customers find them acceptable. If you have any of these things, you could find ways to improve them for a greater approval rating.

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Bathrooms are one of the most common facilities for a business to offer if they are a food or beverages business. Customers want to be able to relieve themselves, change babies, or perhaps freshen up. They are most often offered by businesses where the customer might be there for at least an hour or two. If you offer bathrooms to your customers, you need to ensure that they're clean and comfortable. Using a washroom services company will help you provide the necessary facilities and equipment. Regular inspections and cleaning keep hygiene at high standards. If you want to go further, you can add nice touches such as hand lotion.

Changing Rooms

Clothing companies usually have changing areas so that customers can try on clothes. Obviously, customers are concerned about privacy when they use these areas. They want to have the space to get changed in private but also be able to ask for help if they need it. It's important to staff these areas, both for security and customer service. If you want to provide secure cubicles, selecting doors with locks over curtains is often more reassuring. Another thing you might like to add is a small waiting area. Customers are often with others who need to wait while they try something on.

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Waiting Areas

Waiting areas are also common for businesses, from doctor's offices to car dealerships. Your customers or clients should feel comfortable while they wait. You can start by having comfortable seating and perhaps something to entertain your customers too. You might have a television, magazines or perhaps some photo books to browse through. If the wait might be long, providing refreshments is a good idea too. You could have a coffee machine or vending machine for customers to use. Another thing to remember is that your waiting area should be stylish. No one wants to wait in a plain, unattractive room.

Kids' Areas

Some businesses might offer areas for kids, such as play areas or even just the corner of a waiting room with a box of toys. One thing to keep in mind is the hygiene of any such area. It needs to be kept clean to avoid spreading illness, particularly somewhere like a doctor's office. Safety is also another concern, so it's essential to reassure parents and guardians that an area is safe. If your business doesn't have a kids' area, adding one could be beneficial. For example, a bookstore could have some bean bags by the children's books.

If you provide special customer facilities, make sure you're doing a good job. You can offer a better experience if you pay attention to the details.