By Jerry Mooney



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As a business owner, you are religiously committed to your company and its bid for success. So, if you want to reach the promised land, it’s imperative that you follow the right blueprint.

 Here are 10 simple steps to ensure that your venture stays on the right pathway. While it won’t suddenly make you a millionaire overnight, you can expect to see your business unlock its full potential. Frankly, that’s all any entrepreneur can ask for.

#1. Put Customers First

When starting a business, the bulk of intentions and goals are fairly selfish. But it doesn’t take long to realize that the customers hold all the power as to whether you’ll sink or swim. As such, it’s imperative that they are established as the main focus of your attention at all times.

The first step is to build a consumer profile. Knowing your target market transforms the way you handle everything. This ranges from product manufacturing to branding. People buy from people, so creating that connection should be a top priority. The popularity factor is everything.

Your commitment to the client shouldn’t end with the sale either. Great customer care, including a fair returns policy, can make a world of difference to their feelings and trust in the business. Besides, it’ll often save a lot of time and hassle for your company.

#2. Do Not Waste Money

The importance of money in business cannot be underestimated for a second. While your main focus is primarily on revenue, you must not ignore the need for efficiency over expenses. Letting money slide through your fingers is a commercial sin, and it will hit profit margins hard.

That’s not to suggest that you shouldn’t spend money in business. You won’t want to cut corners, but you can at least cut costs by using price comparisons on all major business costs. Moreover, trading skills with other local companies can make a world of difference.


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If nothing else, saving money by removing unnecessary costs leaves more money for crucial investments. Alternatively, it enables you to be more competitive in the selling arena. Either way, cost-efficiency can only work wonders for the venture.

#3. Empower Your Employees

Every entrepreneur knows that a strong staff is a crucial weapon in the battle for business success. Most will actively pump time and money into finding the best employees. However, the recruitment drive is just the start. For ongoing success, you must be prepared to go the extra mile.

First and foremost, you need employees to boast the right skills. You can learn more about the best staff training schemes at Aside from their individual talents, they should be encouraged to communicate with colleagues too. Team atmosphere counts for everything.

Perhaps most importantly, you should give them the confidence to use their initiative. If you aren’t willing to do this, then hiring the best employees was futile in the first place. Essentially, you hire creative and productive minds for a reason. Don’t be too ignorant to embrace it.   

#4. Lead By Example

Accepting the fact that employees will often have the ideas to take things to the next level is vital. Nonetheless, your role is still huge, not least when it comes to inspiring them to achieve great things. Frankly, you can’t expect them to perform unless you practice what you preach.

Good organizational skills allow you to focus on the elements that will drive the company forward. Prove your business acumen, and it will gain a positive response. Conversely, incompetence will see employees lose faith in the entire company. Once that happens, productivity levels will fade.

Aside from your individual tasks, you should try to mentor employees at every given opportunity. Help them grow to the point where they can take on senior roles, and it will pay dividends for the business as a whole. Besides, those successes provide inspiration for their colleagues.


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#5. Build A Productive Workspace

Positivity is a key factor for the motivation and productivity levels. In addition to communication and a strong employer-employee bond, you want to make gestures that show a level of care. Adding new break room facilities can work wonders in that sense while a water dispenser is useful too.

Layouts are pivotal in all environments, which is why you must avoid overcrowding. Installing a mezzanine floor can transform warehouses, showrooms, and other spaces. Learn more about this investment at If it allows you to achieve more, it’ll be a very worthy addition.

The color schemes and natural lighting in office spaces can be equally influential to the overall vibe. Still, taking a flexible approach and showing human empathy is the greatest way to win over clients. This, combined with overcoming workplace politics, should keep you on the right path.

#6. Appreciate Your Neighbors   

Focus and vision are crucial factors as you look to be the best you can be. However, it would be very foolish to completely ignore the competition. The battle for customers is fiercer than ever. If you are going to stay one step ahead of the crowd, you must be aware of what else is on the market.

Keeping an eye on the market competitors can influence everything from pricing to product selection. While you don’t want to copy other businesses, you can still look to emulate some of the most successful ventures. Inspiration plus individuality can equal very good results.  

On a separate note, other local businesses can become useful assets in your arsenal. Whether you operate joint marketing ventures or share certain facilities such as cleaning tools doesn’t matter. Building that solid localized network is something very few do, but it can have a telling impact.

#7. Embrace Online Opportunities


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The world feels like a smaller place than ever before, and online technology is at the heart of those progressions. As a business, it’s essential that you log in to those possibilities. After all, the level of competition means that your audience will inevitably cover a wider geographic location.   

Establishing a strong online reputation isn’t easy. Aside from visibility, you’ll need to spark an interest from the target market using smart marketing tools. Learn how to build a great plan at From hitting new audiences to connecting with current ones, the rewards are huge.

Online opportunities don’t only allow you to expand your horizons. They also provide the potential to increase cost-efficiency for even quicker growth. Given that your competitors will utilize those facilities, it’s imperative that you do too. Otherwise, you’ll hand them the initiative. 


#8. Do Not Let Others Steal

Success doesn’t come easily in modern business. Maintaining it is the real challenge, though, which is why you must learn to protect the venture. Stealing is a sin, but it won’t stop thieves and fraudsters from trying to take advantage. Awareness of those threats is critical for the company.

Having stock or equipment stolen is never fun, not least because it will disrupt the operation. However, it’s equally vital to think about the data protection and intellectual property. Taking a comprehensive approach to business security and safety is the only solution. Anything less will fail.

It’s not simply a case of protecting the business from a financial perspective. Knowing that you’ve made those positive steps will put remove a huge source of potential stress. In truth, that added sense of clarity can be the biggest benefit of all. Otherwise, you could be left majorly distracted.

#9. Encourage Loyalty   

While it has already been mentioned, the importance of the customer cannot be highlighted enough. Securing the initial sale is great, but their repeated custom is what will keep the company moving in the right direction. Ultimately, their loyalty is even more significant than new clients.

Source | Regular customers bring ongoing success

Loyalty is gained primarily from providing a winning service. Special offers and loyalty cards offer an extra incentive to shop more frequently. Learn more about them at If nothing else, it’ll keep you in their minds. Once again, a good customer care game and a sense of transparency helps.   

Increased direct sales aren't the only attractive factor. Loyal customers will often talk up your business, which will enhance your hopes of winning new clients. Testimonials and positive reviews are a very powerful tool indeed and require no input from your employees. That can only be good.

#10. Never Rest On Your Laurels

The world of business never sleeps, and you cannot afford to stop and admire your work. The ability and desire to keep reaching for the next goal separate the best from the rest. Your ongoing motivation to do more is the most crucial weapon in your arsenal. Without it, you could hit a wall.

Expansion can manifest itself in many ways. Opening a second store is a great option while providing a global online delivery service can work wonders too. Franchising is another option that appeals to many owners. After the initial steps, the management process will consume very little time.   

Competitors will keep moving forward. If yours fails to do the same, it will show. , this could see even your most loyal customers take their business elsewhere. Conversely, a continued display of commitment to the clients will bring ongoing growth. With this, long-term profits are assured.



Jerry Mooney is co-founder and managing editor of zenruption and the author of History Yoghurt and the Moon. He studied at the University of Munich and Lewis and Clark College where he received his BA in International Affairs and West European Studies. He has recently taught Language and Communications at a small, private college and owned various businesses, including an investment company. Jerry is committed to zenrupting the forces that block social, political and economic justice. He can also be found on Twitter. He is awesome to have wings with.