There comes a time for many business owners when a new office has to found. This is usually a positive thing because it means your business is moving up and increasing its size and scope. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be headaches and problems for you to overcome along the way. In fact, there will be many logistical and practical challenges that you will have to overcome throughout the process.

It’s worth getting the move right from start to finish. This kind of move could be huge for the business and its chances of long-term success. So, cutting corners and doing things by halves is not really an option for you. Luckily, it shouldn’t be too hard to get all those logistical and practical issues right if you use your head. Here are the challenges and how you can overcome them in the best ways possible.

Getting the Balance Right Between Size and Cost

To begin with, you need to choose the actual office that you will be moving to. This might sound like a simple and straightforward part of the process, but that’s not always the case. For a start, you will need to find somewhere that is an adequate step up in terms of size from your current office. If you fail to find an office that offers you the size and space you need, the whole move would have been a complete waste of time. Then you need to balance that concern with a need to keep the finances in line. When you fail to do that, the business could suffer financially for a long time to come.

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Cancel Meetings and Arrangements to Prepare for the Move

On the days ahead of the move, you should take the time to prepare things properly. This is not always easy, and you will probably have to clear some space in your schedule. Meetings and other business arrangements you have in place might need to be cancelled or pushed back. This will give you the time to do the packing and get every stage of the process right. To do things properly, you should color coordinate the boxes. This will make your life easier when it comes to unpacking at the other end. Use plenty of padding to avoid breakages too.

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Making Sure the Phones and Internet Will be Ready to Go

When you reach your new office, you will want to be able to get to work straight away. But that will only be possible if you have phones that work and a reliable internet connection. Those things are the basics that pretty much any business needs in order to do its work. Without them, you’ll be a little lost. So, make sure you think ahead and make plans for the phones and internet to be ready by the time you arrive. This will save you a lot of hassle and wasted time later on, which can only be a good thing for you, your employees and your business.

Transferring Ownership of the Offices

When you buy a new office, you will probably be selling your old one too. This means there will be two offices for which the ownership will have to be transferred. Unfortunately, transferring the ownership of a property, which is known as conveyancing, is not exactly straightforward. It takes time, money and expertise to get it completed in a proper manner. There are plenty of commercial conveyancing solicitors out there that will be able to help you with all this. Make sure you hire one of them and let them get to work as early as possible. That way, it will all be done sooner rather than later.

Overcoming Removal Headaches

The removal process is not one that you should undertake by yourself. If you ask me, it’s always best to use a professional removal company. That way, you’ll have access to people who know what they're doing because they do these things every single day of their lives. So, it really is worth letting them get on with things. Even if you do this, the process can still be tricky. You have to find a way to work with them properly. Be friendly, but don’t be afraid to bring up any problems, concerns or worries you might have. You are paying them to do the job after all.

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Keeping Technology Safe

Your biggest worry during the removal process will probably relate to your company’s technology. This stuff is precious, delicate and valuable. If you don’t make sure that there is enough padding to keep your computers and other equipment safe, you could be left with a huge bill. You don’t want to have to replace those expensive items in the future, so be careful. It might be worth transporting the most valuable items yourself. That way, you can be sure that they won’t be rattling about in the back of a truck all day.

Using But Not Filling Your Increased Amount of Office Space

Before the move, you should get a detailed floor plan for your new office. When you do this, you can start to make sure that you have a plan for where everything will go when you reach your location. This is very important because you don’t want to be messing around planning the layout when you get there. It just wastes more time when you do that. Find a way to use the increased amount of space on offer without completely filling it up.

Install New Safety Features

Finally, you should make sure that your new office is as safe as it possibly can be. You don’t want to fall victim to a burglary just because you didn’t think this through earlier. Put a new modern alarm system in place, and make sure that you have locks fitted on all the doors and windows. When this is done, your new office will be ready for use, and the process will finally be over. At that point, all the hard work you put in will have been worth it.