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Hosting an event for a celebrity or VIP can be an exciting opportunity – but also a nerve-wracking responsibility. It’s vital that you treat them like a VIP, without going overboard. Here are some ways of ensuring that your special guest, whoever they may be, feels like they’re being well-treated.

Valet service

Your VIP may be staying in a local hotel and need transport for the occasion. Check that they haven’t booked their own. If they haven’t got transport, book an appropriate valet service to take them to the venue they need to be at. You may not need anything too lavish like a limousine if it’s a business meeting – choose the right vehicle to suit the occasion. If the event needs security clearance to get in, make sure your valet and most importantly your VIP have clearance. Arrange this well in advance.

Set up a private room

Have a place at the venue for your special guest to go alone to such as a dressing room or simple lounge area, so that they don’t have to mix with the masses. As well making them feel more important, it will get them away from people who may otherwise hound them for being an important figure (people like journalists, fans, admirers). Make sure that the private room has access to food facilities and toilets and isn’t just a cell. You can even go the extra mile and personalise it by researching into their likes and dislikes (for example providing their favourite snack or their favourite newspaper). Doing this will make your VIP service memorable and could get you future bookings. Also take note of special seemingly insignificant requests – some VIPs will ask for a bunch of flowers or a bowl of fruit as a test to see that all the details are being met.


Several companies offer executive protection services for VIPs. If your guest doesn’t already have security, it may be worth investing in this to keep unwanted visitors away, even if there is no serious threat. Security can travel with the VIP or be used to guard the premises of your event. For some occasions, you may need a combination of them both. Make sure that there is a special entrance that your guest can use and that they don’t have to travel throughout anywhere potentially dangerous.

Event proceedings

How much of the event is your VIP a part of? They may already be the main attraction – in which case this will already be your main focus. However, if it is a sporting event or a theatre production and they are a member of the audience, ask if they would like to make a speech before or after. Many will probably be happy not to get involved, but giving them the option will make them feel more important. Don’t force them into anything uncomfortable – you may have invited them to launch of your product to build up publicity but if they don’t want to do a speech on how great your product is, don’t pressure them into it.