So you’ve decided to get into business have you? You think you’ve got something up your sleeve that’s extra special and totally different from all your other competitors? And why have you gone for a knees up choice rather than that of a standard start up? You believe you’ve made a solid choice. Here’s why.



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Through freelance working ways such as lifestyle business, you can work wherever and whenever you want as long as you get all the work that you wanted to achieve done. It’s far far away from the stresses of the monotonous office start ups isn’t it? Just remember to stay easy on the cocktails and protect your laptop from the water! Now that’s a whole different ball game.

So now comes the choice of lifestyle you wish to work for. There’s so much out there, all waiting to be snapped up by a young, passionate entrepreneur like your good self. A chance to become a more rounded and business sensical person. If you enjoy the written word, why not become a freelance scriptwriter, journalist or blogger. You won’t be tied down by that big corporate company and you can work at your own freedom rather than sticking to extremely tight deadlines each day. Plus there won’t be any awkward face to face interviews, you just write and write your articles and send the odd email from time to time to keep up with the other side of the world. Yes, they’re still there!

Alternatively, how about buying and owning your very own successful b&b overlooking your beautiful local beach? Everyday on your way to the office, you’ve driven past the derelict building imagining how you could renovate it and make it a popular holiday hotspot. Now’s your chance. The perfect chance to appreciate that scintillating scenery and it will be all yours. Being at work would not be a burden like the bad old days. This is your life. Start living it.

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If the internet is your thing, then why not jump on the bandwagon and start an online business. There’s so many choices available and with just a few clicks, you could start being very successful. You need to choose something you’re passionate and super excited about. This is your lifestyle choice remember. You’re not in the office now. As soon as you’ve decided the field you want to work in as well as scouting out potential rivals and what they have to offer, create your own website. Make it stand out with a plethora of related images and snappy language that sells you as well as what you’re offering. Broadcast your contact details and just wait for the flood of emails and enquiries to come. Remember though to check your emails constantly and make sure you send out some enquiries yourself to potential clients. For now though, you deserve a holiday. Passport. Check. Laptop. Check. Now where are your swimming trunks?