Luxury hotels are adored the world over. But what is it that makes them so special? Here we’re going to investigate some of the traits that make today’s best hotels so successful. You’ll be surprised just how much of what they do you can include in your own operation.

Create A Buzz

Luxury hotel marketing is all about finding ways to create a buzz. They want to find a way to generate the “wow factor.” They want to surprise their guests and tickle their senses. One of the ways that they do this is through live entertainment. Many top hotels put on extravagant evening shows and events. Other hotels create a buzz though little extras in the rooms. Perhaps the bathtub doubles as a Jacuzzi.

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For other hotels still, it’s all about the combined experience. The food, the decor, the music - it all blends together perfectly to create a magical stay. The trick for new hotels is to do something that creates a buzz but isn’t gimmicky. It could be an event, a feature in the room or something else entirely. The choice is yours.

Always Personalize The Experience Of Your Guests

One of the best ways to create a “wow” moment is to do something that directly appeals to your guests. If a guest tells you that they love hiking when they speak to you on the phone, put a bunch of hiking magazines in their room. If they like their food spicy, throw a couple of scotch bonnets into their curry for good measure. Make the perks personal and watch how they delight your guests.

Anticipate Your Guests Needs

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Guests don’t want to have to come to you to ask for stuff. They want it to be ready and waiting for them as and when they need it. If a guest has to come to you, consider it an opportunity to improve the quality of your service.

Top hotels do their research on their guests before they arrive. They try to find out as much about them as possible so that they are able to meet their needs in advance. Luxury hotels find out what allergies they might have, their snacking preferences and when they get up in the morning. This helps them to tailor their services to their guests and create a seamless experience. Once your guests are residing in your startup hotel, you should work to exceed their expectations.

Don’t Forget That You Have A Brand To Build

Independent hotels can be very successful. But they only truly shine when they generate their own brand. Branding doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s not all about a single event. It’s something that takes years and a lot of planning. At the top end of the market, guests have very high expectations. When those expectations are met or exceeded, they’ll tell their friends. Their friends are you future clientele which is why you must succeed at impressing them. Build relationships, get referrals and generate repeat business. That’s how to create a brand and garner public trust.