If you get a place with real visibility at a tradeshow or networking event, then you have a real opportunity. You can build a brand that sticks out and shake hands with people who are going to be important connections for the business down the line. But you need to be using that opportunity right. You need to go into these events with a bang, not a whimper. So here’s how you make sure you leave an impression that really lasts.



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Bring your rock stars

It’s a simple fact of business that some of your people are going to be significantly better at talking the talk than others. You need to find the best amongst your sales department. Charisma matters, but it’s not the only thing. They also need to have the knowledge of your products and services and the ability to really listen. They need to be able to identify the needs of whomever they’re talking to and fit their pitch on the spot. If you’re taking non-sales staff along, keep them on the admin side of things. For these events, you need your brand ambassadors doing all the talking and making real impressions.



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Swag with value

At any one of these events, people are going to get their hands on all kinds of swag. Pens, business cards, mousepads and the like will be flying all over the place. After a show, you normally get back to your room and pick through it all. Most of it is going to get tossed aside without a second thought. It’s the pens and USB sticks and the like that stick around because they have value. But what if you make even the simplest things like posters and business cards have value? Services like NFC Direct can add digital value to simple materials. Adding links to your site or content that’s going to hook potential clients. Make sure nothing you’re giving out is lacking in value.



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How you do at the show itself has a big impact on how successful you’ll be. However, if you’re not taking the time to follow up after the show, you’re losing a lot of potential ground. If you say you’re going to get back to someone, then actually do it. Even if you don’t immediately see the potential in that relationship. Making the effort not only builds your reputation as a good businessperson. It also gets you sticking in people's’ heads for longer. You never know when they might be in a position to use your services or recommend you to someone else who can. Something as simple as a phone call or an email is all it takes.


There are a few different ways to be really memorable after a trade show. Be exciting and have your most charismatic talent out there shaking hands. Be memorable by using swag that has actual value. Make the effort to connect after the show. This will build you long-lasting relationships your business can really sink its teeth into.