By Jerry Mooney

If you’re trying to create a buzz around your startup what should you do? You don’t have the money for a full-fledged PR campaign. And you certainly can’t afford a bunch of people to do it on your behalf. So it would seem that your options were rather limited. You’d be wrong.


Before we begin, it’s worth pointing out that PR success isn’t necessarily business success. Yes, some people can thrive on PR alone (think Kim Kardashian). But they are the exception to the rule. Many startups believe that they've made it if they get a mention on a major news site or blog. But the truth is that they aren’t going anywhere unless they’ve got a great product.


With that said, PR is still important, so long as your product is sound. So what can startups with, limited budgets do to get their enterprises off the ground?


Reach Out To Sites That Host Entrepreneurs





There are a bunch of sites out there on the web that love getting to know entrepreneurs. You’ll be interviewed about your business. And if your story is compelling enough, you’ll get featured on the site. There are a bunch of sites you can appeal to. Under 30 CEO is targeted at younger entrepreneurs in their 20s. Another good site is Young Entrepreneur, which is excellent at featuring the profiles of new entrepreneurs. And finally, you might want to try out Mixergy. This site is good for entrepreneurs looking to share their talents and insights with other entrepreneurs on the web.


Host A Show





Many entrepreneurs are obsessed with their online presence. As a result, they forget about the importance of meeting people in real life. Your website might be optimized for conversions. But display fonts and landing pages are never going to be as impactful as meeting you in person. Trade shows are an excellent way to meet people in your industry and connect with customers. You’ll need trade show supplies, of course, such as materials to hand out to guests. But the benefits of these events often dramatically outweigh the costs.


Send Out Press Releases On Free Sites





Press releases are a great way to get the word out about your business. They’re a chance to tell the industry what you’re up to and what makes your product unique. Getting published on top-tier press release sites immediately is difficult and can be expensive. So why not approach free sites instead? Right now there are a host of free sites, like PRLog and Free Press Release you can use to get your word out.


Sign Up To HARO





HARO stands for Help A Reporter. It’s a website that allows you to connect to reporters. Reports are always looking for people to interview on a variety of different subjects. And they use resources, like HARO, to find people to interview. You can create a profile for yourself on the site. And you can reach out to journalists for interviews and other communications. You never know, you could feature in a top-listed publication.


Jerry Mooney is co-founder and managing editor of Zenruption and the author of History Yoghurt and the Moon. He studied at the University of Munich and Lewis and Clark College where he received his BA in International Affairs and West European Studies. He has recently taught Language and Communications at a small, private college and owned various businesses, including an investment company. Jerry is committed to zenrupting the forces that block social, political and economic justice. He can also be found on Twitter @JerryMooney