by McKenzie Stalkenburg

Running a business isn’t easy work, yet it can be quite rewarding when you really manage to nail it. To get to that point however, you may need help in various forms, advisory, employee, software, hardware, the list goes on. To make your business efficient and as streamlined as possible you should try to make use of the best software and tools available. If you’re looking to expand then perhaps the streamlining can make it an easier and more fluid process. Here you can see some of the best ways to increase your efficiency.


Use Cloud Based Computing

Cloud based computing is one of the newer technological advancements in the business sphere. You can now run your business computers off of the cloud instead of traditional business servers. The benefits depend on what kind of business you operate, but if it is field based then your staff can get into all of your key business data and client information from wherever they are in the world, instead of having to carry USB or hard drives around with them for access. It can also allow added security, no longer will you need to worry about viruses infesting your systems or the huge sums required to upgrade your server tower when it becomes old or obsolete. Cloud based computing allows faster and more business friendly computing, allowing productivity to soar.




Upgrade Your Accountancy Software

The ability to keep track of exactly where you money is going and what sums are coming in is paramount in the running of a successful business. Yet it can sometimes take far longer than necessary and suck up gallons of your time. There are certain accountants offering xero services, a form of software which is an incredibly quick method of accounting and allows you to make critical accounting decisions and activities such as invoicing on the go. If you’re a business which deals with quick cash flows then this could be for you. You can focus on your automatic bank feeds, so you can always quickly check exactly what's coming into your business account.


Invest In Bespoke Payment Software

If you own a customer facing business which uses different pay software it can be a top decision to upgrade your systems. There are many different machines to choose from. Aim for something that can accept all forms of current payment, such as contactless, apple and android pay. Doing this means you aren’t isolating any type of customer, meaning you can take payment from multiple different means. It’ll also be quicker, so your workforce can move from customer to customer far more quickly. People don’t like to wait, so this will keep your customer base happy as well as your workforce productive. If the payments are going through with speed then your employees can move off and do something else, instead of having to wait for the transaction to process. Be sure to check the signal strengths in your area and of the specific handset you decide to use.

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