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We’re living in a digital world, and to get ahead of the game it’s no longer sufficient to just keep up with technology and trends. People are pushing boundaries further than ever before, and that’s how they’re stepping ahead of the competition. Having an attractive, comprehensive, and proactive online presence is the best way to draw in new custom in the age of digital marketing. Here’s how you can optimize your business’ online presence, and make sure your reach is the greatest it can be.

Build a blog

Blogging is a great way to build trust between yourselves and potential customers. In a world where expertise is everything, a well-maintained, original, and adventurous blog can be all there is between yourselves and your closest rivals. The difference between you is that a potential client can be reassured that you know what you’re talking about, and can engage with your expertise. Google will also index your page more highly when it is regularly updated, so aim for one or two new posts a week to reach your maximum potential.

Make the most of social media

Social media is an amazing tool for businesses when used correctly, and it can be completely free if you prefer. Every business should be on Facebook, Twitter, and potentially Instagram, and you should have a personal LinkedIn page too. When you use these pages regularly with interesting, engaging, and relevant posts, potential customers form that first loyal connection to you.

Stay brand relevant

However you’re using online forums to increase your company’s reach, make sure to keep it relevant to your brand. Web development and online marketing companies such as TopSpot SEM are really useful at this point. They can bring in their expertise, and ensure your branding is consistent across all of your online platforms.

Make it mobile friendly

Without a mobile friendly website, companies are excluding a huge chunk of their potential market from being able to communicate with them effectively. Online sales made through mobile devices now make up 30% of all online sales. This shows even if your company is not connected to an online store, just how many potential customers are interacting with you through their mobile devices, so a mobile friendly site is a must.

Don’t let SEO pass you by

More companies are learning about keyword optimization than ever before. To keep up, do your research on keywords, and set up your web pages and blogs accordingly. Good SEO will bring more traffic to your site, and make it easier for your target audience to find you. SEO is always changing and adapting, so it’s important you keep up to avoid your techniques becoming outdated. Many companies believe that SEO sees a worthwhile return on investments, so don’t get left behind.

Your company’s online presence can make or break your success. When used correctly, it can shout your expertise from the rooftops, engage with new potential clients, and keep your name high in the search engine indexes - it’s well worth keeping up.