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As a business owner in 2017, it’s crucial that you find ways to save money in your model. By saving money, you cut your costs and keep your business competitive against the competition. To do that, it might be an idea to look at what other companies have been doing to keep their own costs low. By following in their footsteps, you can use a model of business that has already been proven to work and lead to great levels of success. So, let’s look at some of the possibilities because these could fit into any imaginable business model.

Automated Machinery

We think it’s fair to say that one of the biggest costs of any business will be labor. If you don’t believe this, consider how much you pay on a regular basis for your staff. Have a look at the wage slips and invoices that you sign off on. You’ll probably discover that for an average sized business, your staff costs the company hundreds of thousands in bills. Wouldn’t it be great if you could limit the need for labor in your company? Well now you can and there are two examples of this.

The first is in the food preparation industry. Food businesses have a lot of work cut out in making sure that the products they sell are ready for consumption. Just look at fish. Fish need to be carefully prepared so that they look good to eat and don’t contain any of the nasty bits. In the past, you would have needed hundreds of workers to do this but not anymore. Now with automated tech, the process of preparing fish is cheap and simple. If you have a look at a site such as, you’ll see what we mean. The process can be completed in seconds with virtually no human interaction.

Or, how about call handling. Years ago you would have needed a full room of workers to handle all the calls your business might receive. Not anymore, now you can have a few call handlers and one piece of automated software. It will handle all the calls and ensure only people you want to speak to get through.

Digital Delights

It’s also worth noting that a lot of processes that used to occur in the real world can now be completed online. Marketing is the best example of this. There is now very little reason to invest in expensive, time-consuming forms of offline promotion. Instead, you can pay for the services of a professional online marketer. They will get the same work done for half the price and reach a much larger audience. Only the biggest businesses now bother with television ads because they’re the only ones who can afford them. But even if you could pay for an ad on TV we would advise against it. Like other companies, you’d be better off posting an ad on Youtube instead.

Green Tech

Our final suggestion is that you think about making your business a little more green. Apple is one of the key players in this game. They love advertising and promoting how green their company is. By showing you care about the environment you can generate more interest from consumers. But the biggest advantage is the savings. By opting for greener tech you can cut your annual business bills by twenty percent. As you can see then, it pays to go green!