Want to get rich? Of course you do! Who wouldn’t want to wake up to thousands of dollars in their bank account? Sadly it’s not that simple. Between failed business ideas and cutthroat markets, you have a pretty small chance of getting rich unless you’re incredibly lucky or have a fantastic idea with a lot of backing. However, there’s an ageold saying that “there’s no rest for the wicked”, and very few people have touched on this saying or expanded on it.

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Do the Wicked Ever Sleep?

Hard work pays off—there’s no denying that. If you worked for 24 hours a day, you’d be incredibly wealthy even if you flipped burgers at a fast food place. Sadly, we humans have to sleep eventually and there are very few fast food joints that are open all hours. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t businesses around the world that are getting rich from being open 24/7.

There are many convenience stores that run for 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. They ignore holidays and treat them like every other day, and they’re not afraid of keeping their store staffed all hours. People that work night shifts are brave souls, but they’re paid extra for their hard work, and those that work on holidays get paid extra as well.

It takes a lot of money to keep a store staffed for 24 hours, but it can bring you an incredible amount of business if you’re the only 24/7 store in the area, or if your store is located in a city that never sleeps. If you run a clothes store then it doesn’t really make sense to open your store for 24 hours a day, but if you have a convenience store that sells basic items, then you’re going to get a lot of customers coming in at the strangest times.

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The Business That Never Sleeps

Luckily for you, there are businesses that can be fully automated without ever needing an employee manning a till—an internet business. Internet businesses are automated thanks to the ease and accessibility of online widgets, eCommerce modules and cloud services. You don’t need to be there to accept an order or to receive payment, all you need to do is package and send off whatever your customer bought during your work hours.

There are even businesses that don’t require physical products to be made or sent. For example, take a look at CasinoUK to see a large number of online casinos that people can play at for money or for free. These businesses make money when people gamble and they’re open 24/7 because they’re managed by automated systems. Thanks to the internet, this makes them a global business that never sleeps. No matter where in the world you are, you can go to an online gambling site to pay money and play. All the payments are processed automatically, there are no products to send and no customers to interact with. You just put in the work to set it up, advertise it, answer emails and then sit back as the money rolls in even while you’re asleep.

Internet businesses like this are incredibly popular because they can generate money even when you’re not at the office. They’re also open to the entire world which makes them accessible to virtually anyone with an internet connection.

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Content Creation Gurus

However, a business doesn’t need to offer a service or product. In fact, many people around the world make a living through their content. For example, a YouTuber uploads videos, advertises them and then receives ad revenue from a video whenever someone watches it, buys a product from the advert or clicks on the creator’s affiliate links. This content is loaded on demand by the viewers, meaning that a video can make money no matter when it’s uploaded or when people watch it. The ad revenue is calculated and deposited into your bank account and the only thing you need to worry about is creating engaging and fun content to build up a loyal viewer base.

In addition to YouTube, you can also make money from blogging and writing. If you write for a blog or make your own, you can get money from ad revenue and affiliate links just like YouTube content creators do. For example, if you write reviews about household products, you can discuss deals with various online stores or even the manufacturer themselves to set up an affiliate marketing program. They give you a reference code or link and your readers use it to buy the products you review and you get a small commission every time someone uses it.

The important thing to note here is that these businesses don’t rely on time-sensitive business practices unless you’re covering something new that has just been released. For example, an article or video you made about your favorite toys will always be available to view, and it will continue to generate revenue even if it’s several years old. This means that your content will always be generating money and you’ll never have a redundant or useless piece of content that can’t make money. However, if you time the release of a game review with the release date, then you’re guaranteed to get more attention, increasing the chances of making more money from it.

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Money Can Grow on Trees

The main theme with some of these content creation business ideas is that you are constantly generating revenue. You aren’t investing raw materials to produce a limited quantity of a product. Instead, you’re investing resources into creating a video, and then that video is a finished product. It will always be relevant and keep generating revenue and you will very rarely ever need to maintain it.

The bigger investment comes with advertising and promoting your brand. It’s not a solution you can just throw money at. Your content needs to appeal to an audience to make it popular. You can’t just throw together a badly made video, throw money at advertising campaigns and expect to see a return. However, this just means that you don’t need to have incredible amounts of money to be successful as a content creator. As long as you have a good idea and the correct knowledge and tools to create something fun and interesting for people to see or read, then you’ll catapult yourself to success.

In a sense, a successful content creator can quite literally grow money off a tree of followers.