By Brian McKay

Bill O’Reilly is on Fox News. Along with Charles Krauthamer they are both blaming the President for legitimizing the Black Lives Matter Movement in a time that is nothing is like the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s. They noted that disrespect to the police in black communities is part of the problem. Apparently, all has been fixed since the 60’s and the problem now lies within a racial group. Great logic guys.

The other day some uber white guys at the office discussed current racial issues in uber white guy fashion as way to explain things away. Maybe they succeeded. Maybe their egos were assuaged. Maybe they decided that they have no privilege and that their lives were the result of the same hard work anyone can use to achieve in America.  Certainly the question that they please detail explicitly what it was like the last time eyes followed them all around the convenience store, had to have introduced some cognitive dissonance right? Doubtful, but they still have no way to logic away what so many feel in their lives everyday.

You can’t logic a feeling and you certainly can’t think away suffering. Certainly the attempt to do so should also show the person devoid of logic, intelligence, philosophy and just full of a fucking ego.

Let’s add in the February statement from an Idaho State Representative in committee. It goes like this, Now, I’m of the understanding that in many cases of rape it does not involve any pregnancy because of the trauma of the incident. That may be true with incest a little bit.” Representative Pete Neilsen, R Mountain Home decided he could intelligence suffering to support his agenda. While Rep. Pete Neilsen claims to no longer believe his statements are true, it is fairly common to adjust course in the event a massive public outrage. Check out the original article here and behold the gloriousness that is his outfit.

It’s too common. Far too fucking common that America has spent years trying to logic and think shit away. The recent tinder box exploding in this country is the end result. It wouldn’t be outrageous to say that moronic thought produces outcomes the moron doesn’t like.

How about this statement, “He is a straight shooter”. Or this one, “He isn’t PC.” Both have been used to describe presumptive nominee Donald Trump by people that believe “Make America Great Again” is a magic statement equivalent to rubbing Aladdin’s Lamp. The same people believe that Mexico will pay for a giant wall and that committing war crimes is ok. Well guess what, I am a straight shooter too and certainly not PC and you people are just fucking dumb.

So America has this small problem of thinking it can logic and think shit when apparently many of us cannot. It always comes back to the same thing; warm and fuzzy mythology. Yes, let’s feel spectacular about ourselves and special on the world stage. Everyone wants to live here, this is the greatest country ever, rich people let money fall from their greedy fucking hands so that it reaches the people at the bottom, we were founded by Christians that never committed a single wrong, men can always understand women’s health issues and all the racial problems in America have been fixed. See a trend here? Apparently just being born somewhere is reason enough to call yourself special.

So apparently we feel we can logic the shit out of stuff if we twist the stats, use bad equations and say it often enough that people believe it. Apparently evangelicals have created a “scientific” equation that shows the sun has been shrinking at a rate of 5 feet per hour in order to justify young Earth thought. Beyond being utterly ridiculous, the attempt to justify belief that can’t have a logical basis with logic is a travesty.

It seems the flawed thought of America’s increasingly extreme right has reached the same point as the sun shrinking at 5 feet an hour. Bad logic is used to justify use of fossil fuels, attacks on women’s health, “All Lives Matter”, massive walls and giving more to the rich while taking help from the poor. Fox News graphs are a true statistician’s nightmare believed by too many that really want myths to be true.

So here a few truths for you all. Black Lives Matter is an important movement that is calling attention to gross systemic disparity that anyone with some decent stats can see. Men don’t know shit about women’s health issues and never will. People in our country experience insecurity and fear on a daily basis. The wealthiest country ever shouldn’t have 1 in 5 children food insecure. We need to fix some shit or this powder keg will get worse.

If you don’t agree with that, you don’t have a logical opinion. No, you’re just fucking dumb. 


Brian McKay took a break and realized he just has no ability to restrain and not call attention to stupid shit. Yep, he is ready to make some enemies again.






Feature photo courtesy of Flickr, under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license