Part of the problem with distinguishing between punchable faces is that certain people cause us to shake our heads and feel threatened by them, yet it would cause myself to become a punchable face to suggest that someone like Senator John McCain be punched in the face. For his feeble, incomprehensible rantings, giving him some prune juice and putting him to bed suffices. Skewering him in a cartoon suffices. Here is the newspaper clip from McCain's Senate questioning of former FBI Director James Comey:


However, there is no lack for candidates, and they can't all find their way into the top three, even if they make you really want to punch their face. And again, Donald Trump can't win every day.

#3 Mitch MCConnell

All reports indicate the McConnell is prepared to rush the ACHA through the Senate, because it gives the rich huge tax breaks and seems actually sadistic to those who need health care. This is in addition to the reports that he took $2.5 million from Putin.

#2 Marc Kasowitz

His level of douchary exceeds most on a minute by minute basis, and it should, when he makes $1500 an hour. However, he not only botched the timeline on the Comey facts, he is suing Comey for the release of his own, unclassified memos. That's like being sued for me writing this article...The fact that he looks like Robert Deniro doesn't save him. Think Taxi Driver...

#1 Paul Ryan

I just want to punch his face because of the punchability of it. He needs no further reason. However, this empty suit who perpetrates himself as a policy wonk, in an epic moment of sheer hypocrisy, Ryan suggested that President Trump's obstruction of the FBI investigation into Flynn was merely Trump being "just new to this". This isn't merely hypocritical to how he and his colleagues treated Obama, it's insulting. Trump clearly tried to leverage a law enforcement official to stop an investigation into a friend. There is no splainin' this away.