I must preamble here. Donald Trump can't be the most punchable face or even a contender every day. He'd own the category and we'd never get to the other punchable faces. That being said, consider him an ever present punchable face. 


 #3 Admiral Mike Rogers

Giving no reason, i.e. privilege, confidentiality etc., Rogers refused to answer a factual question as to whether President Trump asked him to obstruct the Russia investigation. He was asked by several senators and provided no rationale as to why he wouldn't answer. The content of the answer was widely accepted as not confidential to the point that it was already reported in the New York Times and The Washington Post. Rogers also refused to confirm or deny the reports, again siting no rationale. 

 Photo courtesy of  Flickr,  under creative commons license

Photo courtesy of Flickr, under creative commons license


#2 Vice President Mike Pence 

Yes, a face punch on the VP's birthday. Trying to support his stance on birth control, Pence seems to think that condoms don't work and they prevent marriage. Maybe he's using them wrong, but this falls into the category of misinformed as well as ethnocentric. Just stop it, Mike! Try to be the smarter one in the administration.  


#1 Eric Trump

Today there were a lot of punchable faces. Somehow, with the strength of this field, Eric Trump rose easily to the top. Looking like a vampire frat boy isn't  even the reason, either. Not only was it discovered that Eric's "charity" stole money from cancer victims, he also, in an amazing display of hypocrisy, said of the Democrats, "They're not even people." Thank you for dehumanizing people with hearts. If you could see yourself in a mirror (of course you have no reflection) you would see what a real monster looks like.

 Also founder of  Jerry Mooney Books

Also founder of Jerry Mooney Books