Newt Gingrich is trying for the hat-trick and Donald Trump is going for a lifetime achievment award, but fuck those guys. Newt doesn't get the honor of being in Punchable Faces three time in a row. No trifecta Newt! Now shut up and quit embarrassing yourself. Same goes for Donald Trump. It's amazing how hard it is to keep him out of Punchable faces, but for more on his embarrassment of a presidency, see The Daily Disaster...

#3 Marc Kazowitz (I know, he's a recidivist, but not back-to-back)

Marc Kazowitz hired lawyer Steven M. Ryan. When your lawyer hires a lawyer, that's probably not a good sign in Trumpville. But, that doesn't make him a punchable face. What makes his hiring of a lawyer aggravating is that he counseled White House staff that they didn't need to have lawyers. This smacks of sending them to slaughter as Marc hides behind a wall of legal might. Fuck you, Marc! PUNCH!

#2 Steve Bannon

I have been wanting to punch his ugly face for a long time. Despite the fact that he looks like a sausage that the 7-11 store owner is too cheap to throw away, so it stays on that rolling metal heater, occasionally picked up by late-night, drunk patrons before they put it back realizing it is a wrinkled abomination. His appearance notwithstanding, nor his orthodox ideologies that include racism, archaic world views, vomit propaganda, his face needs to be punched for a reason beyond that (and beyond the fact that he is basically a whisky dipped pig's knuckle). He has apparently threatened staff physically. Forget that he is now, also, under investigation. I would love for Steve (Cuck) Bannon to threaten me. I'd risk getting my fist tainted by his puss infest puss. 

#1 Marco Rubio

As Trump spoke in Miami today about reversing Obama-era policies towards Cuba, it smelled rotten. The rotten smell could have been because of how Obama's Cuba policy was bad for Russia and this reversal plays into the same story we read every day (Trump is a fucking Russian operative). The rotten smell could be that Trump delights in simply reversing all of Obama's policies, regardless of the impact or the wisdom of doing so. However, this move has an additional foul smell. Marco Rubio, who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee overseeing the Trump-Russia investigation, and who had dinner with Trump last Tuesday, and who is Cuban, suggests that somehow, his home country will benefit from restricting tourism and business with our closest non-boarder nation. Thawing decades of cold relations opened Cuba up to the west, improved their economy, and distanced Cuba from Russia. Now, somehow, Rubio is celebrating this rollback of progress and the further suffering of his heritage. Face PUNCHED!