We have never had a back-to-back punchable face. Usually, the first punch suffices. And with so many competing to have their faces punched, a two-time back to back punchable is remarkable. Today that is exactly what we are getting. 


#3 Newt Gingrich (again...sigh)

It wasn't enough that Newt proved to be his own worst critic as he contradicted himself on Twitter (yes Newt, the internet has a long and accurate memory), and exposed himself (admittedly already well known) as  the hypocrite, bluster-pocket of craven greed with no moral compass, he then doubles down and says that the shooting at the Republican's softball practice was "part of a pattern" on the left. Are you fucking kidding me?!?!! I know his pasty skin suggests he hasn't, but has Newt ever gone outside? In the world outside of his bubble, countless examples of right-wing gun lust, and wonton xenophobic violence fill our police blotters. Even when the right catches a break and a Muslim is responsible for some heinous attack, it is a RIGHT WING Muslim with extreme views! This cannot be overstated. Idealism is extreme and that is NOT LIBERAL! PUNCH!!!

#2 Donald Trump

Okay, it can't always be Trump, but it can't always not be, considering his punchable face and the actions he takes on a daily basis. Trump can't seem to get out of his own way. After visiting the hospital where recently shot Republican Congressman Scalise, Trump's PR team tweeted that he went to Scalise's bedside. Then, his own spokespeople confirmed that he didn't. He had only visited the hospital. Now, because Scalise is in critical condition, he may not have had the opportunity, however, why report that. Then, Trump, in typical Trump fashion, took to Twitter to denounce Bob Mueller's investigation into him as (again) a witch hunt. If he had a brain, he wouldn't act like such a petulant child that people want investigated just to get him. He's guilty as fuck, but he doesn't help himself and he continues to embarrass America. PUNCH!

#1 Steven King (Not the author...or the other Steven King...the one from Iowa)

Despite people like Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, Don Trump, Jr, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Breitbart News as well as campaign Trump and even President Trump viciously and constantly creating a rhetorical war on Muslims, liberals, blacks, Mexicans, immigrants, (basically everyone but rich, white men), Representative Steven King suggested today that (in some seriously Olympic levels of logic distortion) that Obama was partly to blame for the climate (BTW, I thought you didn't believe in climate change) that led to Scalise being shot. Is there anything these assholes won't blame on the former president? Consider your face PUNCHED!





Also founder of  Jerry Mooney Books

Also founder of Jerry Mooney Books