The mantra remains: Trump can't be the most punchable face every day...even if I want to punch his face every day. Today, he avoided being the third most punchable face by putting his cabinet in the unfortunate position to get punched. Reince Priebus rose to the occasion in a spectacular display of obsequiousness.

#3 Reince Priebus

When the cabinet meeting began, Donald Trump demanded that they all go around the table and tell him what they liked best about working for the Donald. Reince didn't disappoint in getting his nose brown. He said, "We thank you for the opportunity and blessing to serve your agenda". GAK!  Consider your face punched.

In a format twist, Senator Chuck Schumer wins today's least punchable face as he used Trumps sychophnt roundtable to epically troll the narcisistic president:

#2 Newt Gingrich 

After saying Bob Mueller was a supreme choice with an impeccable reputation, he then, days later suggests he won't be fair. This only compounds the fact that Newt has a perpetually punchable face, who cheated on each of his wives with the subsequent wife all while impeaching then-President Clinton for infidelity. PUNCH to the face!

#1 Alex Jones

Because Alex Jones, like so many punchable faces that appear on zenruption, deserves a daily punch to the face. However, appearing with Megyn Kelly on network television, particularly after he asserted that the victims of the Sandyhook massacre was a hoax and staged by actors, is too much. Most of the grieving survivors can avoid Jones' punchable face on a daily basis. But flaunting his ugly mug on network television is just too much. Go hide under a rock before I find your face and commence ceaseless punching! PUNCH!

 Also founder of  Jerry Mooney Books

Also founder of Jerry Mooney Books