By Brian McKay

Today, Fox News was touting (Yes I was watching. Know thine enemy.) that Trump has eclipsed Hilary at 45 percent to 42 percent in their major poll. Bernie is actually shown winning over Trump by 46 percent to 41 percent. Bernie just simply isn’t going to be the nominee though. Period. He can’t make the delegate count and a contested convention will still go to Hilary due to establishment support. Furthermore, a contested convention would continue to divide the Democrats while Trump can start to solidify his support and message.

The messages on social media where Sanders supporters claim they will either support a third candidate or refuse to vote for Hilary, are just pure silliness. I love Bernie. His message has shifted the debate. He is sincere, modest, honest and concerned about the plight of ordinary Americans. That anyone would hand the highest office in the world to a narcissistic orange blob suffering delusions of grandeur and wielding a reality distortion field just because they are mad, is seriously stupid.

So Bernie, please quit the race. If you truly wish to continue to fight for what is right, it is time to solidify support for your party. The loss of your nomination does truly suck, but a Trump Presidency kind of sucks way more.

Yes, Hilary sucks a little too. We all admit that she isn’t exactly likeable. But this isn’t just about electing Hilary, it is also about taking control of at least one house of Congress. If voters don’t show up or continue to be angry, it also affects the ability of other Democrats to get elected. Do you really want a potential psychotic in the White House and people that hate science, follow economics based in magic and vilify poor people, in charge of Congress? The prospect of that scares the shit out of me not so much for myself, but for my daughter’s future and for your kid’s as well.

 Just disregard that Trump would have access to the football (nuclear launch case) that follows him around or that some think tanks have labeled him as potentially one of the top ten threats to world security if elected. The prospect of a complete halt to fighting global warming, surrendering our ethics to bomb innocents in Syria, creating additional disparity with lower tax rates for high earners while running up the deficit and possibly making creationism and abstinence education mandatory in schools, is seriously fucked up. It’s all very possible with the potential mix of a Republican controlled Congress and a Trump Presidency. Think of it this way, it is so messed up that I consider it government sponsored child abuse of our kids.

I am pretty sure that is not the outcome any of you want.

So for fucks sake, stop being selfish and just let it go. It’s over. Delaying it any further just gives momentum to the devil with the orange hair and fake tan.

Repeat after me, “We love you Bernie. You are awesome. It’s truly not you, it’s us. Our love can’t be unconditional right now and it is time to be realists and strategists in order to prevent a total disaster for our country.”

Now breathe. Let go.



Brian McKay is co-founder of zenruption. He has his B.A. in Political Science from Gonzaga University and his M.B.A. from Boise State University. While he finds it interesting when crazy stuff happens in politics, a Trump Presidency is the shit that should never become real. If Trump wins the zenruption team will buy Brian one of those 5 pound dried food packs from Wal-Mart.




Feature photo courtesy of Flickr, under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license